A meaty Iftar treat by the Dubai Creek

Fancy a comfortable Iftar through the creek with the family? Look no in addition to the sublime Doors Freestyle Grill that sits going through the marvelous Al Seef waterfront. The settings – a wide view of the creek, sunset, and dhows plying the waterway within the history – make for a high-quality Iftar out. And if the meat is the primary factor in your mind, then Doors, with its Turkish fusion dishes, will not fail to satiate your taste buds; that being stated, there may be masses of selections to make it a vegetarian Iftar too.

Iftar treat

We have been welcomed with a tamarind drink – a sweet and bitter refresher it is notable for hydrating, and if you’ve been ‘off liquids’ for the entire day, this is the drink to move for. Next up turned into the lentil soup. Similar to the famous Indian dal curry in taste, it had a spicy twist to it.

Our starters featured a humongous unfold of salads which include eggplant and pomegranate, Al Nazik (roasted eggplant with red meat tenderloin bits), MacIver (Zucchini cutlets), Lakerda, and rice pilaf. We bet Turkish delicacies use eggplant liberally, and Doors being stimulated using the user’s delicacies takes this veggie to a brand new degree. They chargrill the eggplant in a manner that offers it a smoky yet sweetish contact, bereft of any bitterness generally related even as grilling this vegetable.

However, the Lacerda, a popular pickled fish, eaten as a mezze inside the Balkans, failed to pass down properly. We wager the uncooked flavor and saltiness did no longer match our palates. The mains was very a whole lot what you would have on a regular day at Doors – having been there a few instances. It featured a diffusion of cuts of grilled meats, inclusive of Lamb Chops, Beef Kaymak (or tenderloin), Sheesh Kebabs with red onions, and Grilled King Prawns.

The chefs at Doors realize their meats properly and also understand to show the cuts into succulent, mouth-melting dishes. Our selection was the Beef Kayamak – strips of juicy Angus, complete on flavor and carried out properly. Served with a Turkish sauce that becomes laced with oregano, chili, and coriander, it went properly with the oven-warm Turkish bread crowned with sesame seeds (similar to naan).

The dessert featured a melange of Turkish fusion dishes that blanketed Baklava full of nuts and sweetened with natural honey, the conventional Turkish Kemal Pasa, a celebratory special Tri Leche (cake crafted from 3 milk varieties – Goat, Cow, and Buffalo), Revani, vermicelli and slices of fresh culmination. The desserts had been now not too sweet, which gave us an excuse to bask in more than an element. Our pick from the lot changed into the Revani, a traditional semolina sponge cake from the Ottoman period. It really is drizzled with sugar syrup and topped with pistachio and desiccated coconut.

And just before, let’s imagine our goodbyes; we have been advised to attempt out some refreshing flavors from the Sheesha counter. We took up the offer to end this notable experience with a gasp or two. The apple-cinnamon hubble-bubble left a top-notch after flavor.

The Iftar at Doors will, in reality, wreck carnivores with their splendid preference of grilled meats; however, that is not to miss vegetarians. Well, Mediterranean greens are stated to be the various healthiest selections all and sundry could make. Try it out!

Did you already know that the Turkish culture is one of the few cultures around the sector where it’s far handiest considered hospitable whilst the host pays for the meal? In fact, the concept of visitors paying or even splitting the invoice is totally unknown and unaccepted. The only manner to repay the host is to treat him a few other days. This hospitable tradition remains standard in Turkish restaurants around the sector.

Turkish Restaurants: The Food

Turkey has many cuisines and meal specialties that make up the tasty menus at the various Turkish restaurants in numerous parts of the sector. Although the nearby food and flavor usually combo into cooking, a popular Turkish menu might consist of the following dishes under each sub-category:

Beverages: The liquids could range from alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is widely fed using fans of Islam, and Turkish restaurants serve alcohol and their home blended Turkish wine and lager. The traditional beverage flavored with the aid of anise, referred to as Raki, is likewise a popular desire among visitors. For non-alcoholic beverages, these restaurants offer Aryan, a milk drink at the side of kefir seeds, and Boza, which’s a water-based cinnamon-flavored winter drink.


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