Easy Leftover Rice Recipes

Leftover Rice Recipes: Rice is one of the maximum famous staple foods across India. It is not best to cook dinner, but it also happens to be a versatile aspect as you can make snacks, mains, or maybe desserts from rice. In reality, now not simply India, rice is one aspect that proudly belongs to each cuisine. Talking approximately styles of rice, you’ll be amazed to understand that there are greater than 40,000 varieties of rice, and India is considered one of its largest manufacturers in addition to consumers.

Speaking of reputation, rice needs to be easily the most cooked meals in all our families. The range of Indian cuisine offers regarding rice dishes is infinite and sincerely too scrumptious to withstand! From mouth-watering biryanis to comforting curd rice, we are never able to have sufficient rice. Oh, and we need to forget no longer the satiating Asian rice bowls and fried rice, which can be immensely delicious too. The sheer notion of those dishes makes us omit and crave rice right away. Besides the flexibility, rice is also made in massive portions almost always and is stored inside the fridge as a leftover.

While many of us could not want to have an equal plate of rice for the next meal, losing it is not a great concept. With a dash of creativity and the addition of ingredients here and there, you could flip the leftover rice into a brilliant instruction that is difficult to turn down. We gift the nice leftover rice recipes that you could put together at home in a few minutes.

Rice Recipes

Here Are 5 Best Leftover Rice Recipes To Prepare At Home:

1. Garlic And Egg Fried Rice

Here is a flavor-packed fried rice recipe that would thrust back all of your hunger pangs right away. The goodness of egg tossed with rice and a burst of garlic and cooked in a host of chilies and oriental flavors; this is a first-rate easy manner to turn around your leftover rice.

2. Curd Rice

Southern India’s most cherished dish, curd rice, is cherished through kids and adults alike. It is a consolation meal that is loved even beyond the area and is made in many special and precise variations. Curd rice is mild and funky on the belly and is often cautioned for a person sick. It is an easy dish to put together with leftover cooked rice soaked in water and combined with curd alongside easy seasonings like onions and inexperienced chilies.

3. Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is an easy and scrumptious rice recipe that you may take pleasure in for a light lunch or dinner. Coconut cooked in a pool of nuts and spices in conjunction with urad and chana dal sautéed with cooked rice. Prepare and percent this dish for lunch or use the lunch’s leftover rice for cooking coconut rice for dinner.

4. Lemon Rice

Light, clean, and irresistibly scrumptious! Lemon rice is one of the easiest methods to show around the leftover rice at domestic. Cooked in wonderful flavors of mustard seeds, red chili, hing, and curry leaves in conjunction with nuts and chana-urad dal, this leftover rice recipe comes with a generous tang of lemon, which provides up to the zesty flavor.

5. Veg Fried Rice

The perfect recipe to utilize the leftover rice, vegetable fried rice is a clean and brief rice recipe to prepare at home. Pan-fry your favorite vegetables together with several flavourful spices and herbs, and you’re prepared! Quick, smooth, and too delicious to disregard! No more fretting over excess rice; these leftover rice recipes are certain to ease the problem to put together for your subsequent meal.


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