Food Trucks in Perth are Reinventing Formal Dining

Over the years, food trucks have become more and more popular along the streets of Perth. But the streets aren’t the only place you can find them. Food truck businesses have also doubled as catering services for birthdays, engagements or weddings. And their non-traditional approach to dining has got them freewheeling all over Perth.

Formal Dining

Freshly-cooked meals all night long

In traditional dining, you either book a restaurant or you go to an events space and hire a caterer. The caterer prepares the food beforehand, takes it to the event space, and then serves it in trays a la buffet. Caterers usually have a heating device to keep the food warm throughout the night, but it just doesn’t compare to a freshly cooked meal.

With food trucks, they put out freshly cooked meals every 20 minutes or so. The food is warm, the chicken glazed, and the vegetables crunchy! Also, take it from us when we say food trucks pack a lot of equipment in their vehicles. They’re fully operating kitchens, don’t let the exterior fool you, those kitchens on wheels can cook any dish a regular kitchen can.

It’s formal but not stuck up, casual but not trashy

One of the highest selling points about hiring a food truck caterer is the vibe it sets out. Food trucks are associated with a casual, free-spirited, and relaxed environment. But it also doesn’t take away the elegance you wanted for your party.

When hiring a food truck, don’t expect fixed seating arrangements, or full courses of a fancy meal. Instead, expect to connect, interact, and communicate meaningfully with your guests, while fresh food is being served literally onto your hands. It’s a great way to catch up with friends who you probably haven’t seen in years, but have been gracious enough to attend your event. With food trucks, it’s a lot like inviting your friends and family for a nice, hearty dinner.

Customize your event by supporting local

It’s a great time for planning occasions in Perth, especially if you long for a customized experience. As expected of food trucks, you can customize your food choice, alcoholic beverages, and even mix and match cuisines. But perhaps other than food, hiring a local food truck in Perth gives you access to the best services for your event.

Certified Perth local and food truck chef Todd Kempton of Locale Kitchen, says that local food truck catering can offer you much more than food.

He says, “we’ve worked with a lot of people from the Perth events industry, and we can make excellent recommendations. Who’s the most artistic in event decorations? Where’s the best open-air event space? Whose cake is the most decadent? The client can customize to their heart’s content and support local businesses at the same time.”

It seems that the Food Truck Catering industry in Perth is becoming a lot more than a trend. It’s sure to be a staple of the events industry for years to come. Make room from your parking spaces because food trucks are here to stay.


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