French bike owner inspired 1

French bike owner inspired

Maxime Aubery is a judo instructor, hiker, alpinist, cyclist, and all-around cutting-edge-day adventurer, making his way from his native France all the way to New Zealand on two wheels and eager to discover nations and cultures alongside the way. He began his journey in April 2018 and has visited 16 countries so far, masking nearly 15,000 kilometers along with his trusty partner, his bicycle.

He has sworn off all public transport except ferries and sleeps in a small tent. Along the way, he has been sharing his stories thru his social media debts. Aubery is aware that his very last destination could be New Zealand, but he hasn’t made a set route to get there. Rather, he follows the recommendation of locals and is going in which the roads lead him.

The bicycle owner told Ahval his thoughts on Turkey, the seventeenth country he has visited, after spending the closing two months visiting the USA. “Before arriving, frankly, I had no excellent ideas about Turkey. I had a notion it’d be risky united states of America”, he stated whilst we met him inside the southern port city of Mersin. “However, now not. My opinion about Turkey has completely modified”.

After two months in Anatolia, Aubrey has become a lifelong convert to the lifestyle of hospitality, though he nevertheless has a few reservations approximately the nearby weight loss plan. “Turkey is high-quality. When compared with the alternative sixteen nations, this is the primary time I have met so many people. They helped, provided me a meal”, he stated. “One night time, this guy, I pitched my tent next to his domestic, came to me with food and ‘Syrian. So, that becomes the first time I tasted the ayran made from yogurt, water, and salt. It changed into unusual.”

French bike

However, besides ayran, Aubery has been inspired by using Turkish delicacies, which has opened a new world of flavors. “I hate regular coffee, but I experience Turkish coffee,” he stated. “In France, cheese is eaten after dinner and at dessert, nut usually at breakfast. I have not even attempted cheesecake before. But here, I met ‘künefe’ crafted from cheese. It is my favored dessert now.”

The scenery has also absolutely gained the 27-yr-old over, iparticularlythe towering, cone-fashioned rock formations called “fairy chimneys” dot the primary Anatolian location. “It is the most opulent location I’ve seen in 17 international locations”, Aubery said. At the same time, Aubrey was cycling around Turkey, u. S .’s political parties were racing for seats inside the March 31 polls.

The run-up to the elections has been a hectic affair in a country wherein politics has to end up fairly polarised. However, the Frenchman stated he become impressed by how seriously Turks took the vote compared to in his domestic us of a. In reality, all the enthusiasm of election day rubbed off on him. “There have been automobiles playing music all day, and it helped get me inspired after I had to cycle uphill,” he stated.

His closing forestalls in Turkey are in Kars, a province inside the north Japanese point of us. From there, he plans to go to Georgia in May, however, no longer earlier than taking a well-earned ruin to celebrate his grandmother’s 90th birthday. “I was on the street for over 12 months. Of course, I miss my circle of relatives and my buddies. But, communication technology helps ease the craving for family and friends,” he said.


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