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Sweet stories: Popular cakes within the Middle East explained

In the Middle East and North Africa, homemade chocolates and confectionary are gestures of welcome and birthday celebration. Across Arab nations, cakes subtly fluctuate in fashion and composition. While many internationally recognized Arabic candies come from the Levant place, Gulf nations like the United Arab Emirates additionally value their conventional deserts.


Logan mat, which means ‘small bites’ in Arabic, is one of the UAE’s most popular cuisine. The dessert is manufactured from crispy dough spheres, covered in molasses syrup, and once in a while crowned with sesame seeds. Some of these components were considered hard to come back by way of within the past, says UAE chef Khulood Atiq, who’s been cooking her u. S .’s cuisine since the age of 8.


“Before, they didn’t have sugar, so they could constantly serve dates,” she explains, “They could take dates and soak them in water and make a base – then they kneaded it into the goodies.” The chef provides that what characterizes Emirati cuisine is the simplicity of its practice and the integration of nearby elements, along with butter flavored with cumin seeds, fennel, or tahini. Another standard Emirati candy is a saw, a gelatinous dessert originating from the sago palm tree, native to southern Japan.

The major ingredient reached the UAE during the height of the pearl buying and selling the enterprise. The trade path also gave us a greater get right of entry to overseas ingredients like saffron, which through the years has grown to be a staple of Emirati delicacies. In UAE households, desserts are traditionally prepared to serve at all times in anticipation of visitors. They are displayed on a surround or big, spherical hand-woven palm leaf mat.


Egypt is mainly regarded for its huge variety of sweets. Among the excellent-acknowledged are semolina wheat desserts referred to as basbousa, sweetened with rose water and crowned with almonds.
There are also several deserts stimulated by way of ladies, like ‘um Ali’, meaning the ‘mother of Ali’ in Arabic, that’s a candy bread and milk pudding filled with nuts and raisins – baked to a golden crisp. Another popular candy treat is Zainab’s palms, which are served after sundown in Ramadan. The doughy delights are made with orange blossom and aniseed, then deep-fried until crispy outdoors and smooth inside the center.


Levantine cuisine, specifically observed in countries like Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Jordan, has a signature dessert referred to as kunafa. It’s a pastry soaked in sugar syrup, layered with cheese, and lined with pistachios. Another plenty-loved Levantine barren region is qatayef; a dumpling usually served during Ramadan. The folded mini pancake is packed with either overwhelmed nuts or sweetened cheese, earlier than being fried and taken to the table after a day’s fasting at some point of the Holy Month.


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