Lobster Roll Heaven, Il Forno Italian to update Archetype Pizza on Lower Thames

It seems like 372 Thames Street, the preceding Archetype Pizza, and Via Via could have a new occupant just in time for summer. “Lobster Roll Heaven/Il Forno Italian” has filed a victualing license application with the eating place to open inside the former long-time pizza parlor. The utility was filed through LRH, LLC of North Scituate, Rhode Island, and signed through David Drake.

Drake tells What’sUpNewp that the left aspect can be presenting pizza and some Italian cuisine, even as the right aspect of the venue can have a Maine coastal cottage type of look and feel and can be serving up lobster rolls. Both aspects might be offering counter carriers and will have an open floor plan.

Drake says the pizza aspect of the restaurant will be open first, hopefully by way of the quiet of June. The lobster roll aspect of the business will open a few brief weeks after with the new look and sense. Drake also owns Spike’s Junkyard Dogs, which has places in Providence, Warwick, and Massachusetts.

The application turned into filed with the town on May 6th and will pass in front of Newport City Council at their subsequent Regular Council Meeting, that is on May 20-second. Archetype Pizza Company unexpectedly closed in March of this 12 months after being evicted, a destiny that Via Via confronted lower back at the beginning of 2018.

Lobster Roll

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