New chairman takes over at Loch Duart

Scottish salmon farming enterprise Loch Duart has appointed Alistair Erskine as its new chairman. Erskine took over from Andrew Barbour, who served as chairman in 2008 and joined as a non-government director in 2002. Erskine’s preceding experience within the seafood industry includes coping with J.W. Seafoods, seafood processor Allen & Dey, and salmon farming corporation Highland Fish Farmers Ltd.

“It’s a thrilling time to be joining Loch Duart. I look forward to running with them because the commercial enterprise continues to grow and construct on its reputation for exquisite salmon, which is cherished around the arena. I have an ardor for the seafood quarter and sit up for enjoying jogging organizations in salmon farming, processing, and smoking to aid this top-notch company and brand,” he stated.

Based in Sutherland and the Uists, Loch Duart produces around 5,000 metric tons (M.T.) of salmon yearly and exports around 70 percent of this volume to more than 20 countries. Your Torquay holidays will not be complete without indulging in the hottest sea meal dishes of your preference. Booking in one of the holiday cottages assures you of first-rate places to unwind and have the time of your lifestyle. There are many places where you can dine out with your family and buddies while you are here.

The Sea Spray Restaurants

The Sea Spray Restaurant is one of the well-known seafood-eating places in Torquay. This restaurant has earned recognition as one of the nicest eating places in Torquay, with the most picks of mouthwatering seafood menu. Sea Spray Restaurant makes the most out of the clean available seafood to assure an implausible taste that you will not overlook and preserve you soliciting for more. And because it is near the vacation cottages, you could experience ingesting your preferred seafood without the trouble.

It is suggested that you try the salmon and crab cakes (served with u . S . Chutney and salad), buttered cod (fried with the chef’s butter and served with salad and chips), cottage pie (served with clean greens and cooked in white wine and cream sauce) for lunch. Dinner is likewise assured to sweep you off your toes. The nighttime menu includes baked cod, spaghetti, Scottish Salmon fillet, and whole lemon sole. Diet is never a choice in this restaurant as the seameal dishes upload extra “color” and “flavor” for your unforgettable holiday at the vacation cottages throughout your Torquay holidays.

The Number 7 Fish Bistro

During your Torquay vacations, you could stay in one of the expensive excursion cottages and then visit the Number 7 Bistro. It is the only sea meals eating place you may locate within the front harbor, so you can always drop by and experience the taste of the finest seafood dishes while playing the mind-blowing sight of the coastal features. And seeing that it’s far managed by a family whose distinctiveness is sea meal delicacies, a special menu for children is also to be had. Whether a mild lunch or a pleasant dinner, the Number 7 Bistro will serve you a great menu to fulfill even your demanding taste.


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