Sainsbury’s celebrates logo values

Sainsbury’s is marking 150 years within the commercial enterprise with a fantastic TV advert that sees the emblem replicate its heritage. Celebrating how the grocer has been ‘Proudly Doing Our Bit’ over time via creating a colorful cake that embodies its values, the advert kickstarts with the hole of the very first Sainsbury’s keep in London’s Drury Lane.

The video, created via Wieden+Kennedy London, shines a spotlight on why Mary Ann and John James Sainsbury opened doorways in 1869 — to offer one of the poorest regions of the capital with exact value, best meals. It then zooms right into the contemporary day, showing how the grocery store has supported the likes of Comic Relief.

The cake inside the spot has numerous levels, each representing contributions from Sainsbury’s colleagues. Halfway through the advert, the display screen switches from black and white to technicolor, revealing the cake as a spinning cinematic zoetrope (one of the earliest sorts of animation) that tells the emblem’s tale.

A combination of model making, 3-D printing, and conventional sugarcraft strategies had been mixed to create the cake. Laura Boothby, head of broadcast advertising at Sainsbury’s, stated: “Community has been on the heart of our enterprise when you consider that 1869 and we’re overjoyed to deliver to life the achievements and willpower of our colleagues in our 150th marketing campaign. Sainsbury’s has always had a focus on contributing to the communities we serve, and we’re proud that this is a legacy that still stands nowadays.”


The campaign kicks off Sainsbury’s one hundred fifty Days of Community initiative, which sees its one hundred 80,000 colleagues from throughout the group being invited to volunteer for a reason of their neighborhood network. Rival grocer Tesco is celebrating its very own centesimal birthday this yr, using a chain of playful spots presenting cult characters like Mr. Blobby and Morph to mark the event.

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