Seafood garage facility to create jobs for Eskasoni First Nation

Eskasoni First Nation has partnered with a fish processing organization to create a new cold storage project in Sydney, N.S. Eskasoni Cold Logistics is housed in a former Co-op food dealing with the facility. It formally opened Tuesday with an investment assertion from the federal and provincial governments. The commercial enterprise is a partnership between Eskasoni First Nation and seafood producers Jim and Allan Gillis.

The 79,000-rectangular-foot facility can save up to 2. to Three million kilograms of frozen seafood and 113,000 kilograms of stay seafood, such as lobster. Sydney-Victoria MP Mark Eyking introduced $750,000 in funding via ACOA, Indigenous Services Canada, and the Atlantic Fisheries Fund.

The province is contributing $124,000, which will help create 15 jobs. Plant manager Jim Gillis said the business is starting up with lobster season underway. “It’s a viable area to preserve your product as an alternative to going into Halifax or Moncton for a bloodless garage,” said Gillis. “It’s the primary of its kind in Cape Breton that we keep the live product for the lobster industry.”

Gillis stated there is some hobby in the facility from across the Maritimes now that phrase is out. Steve Parsons, the manager of Eskasoni’s company division, said it was also a task author for them. He noted the ability to employ four or five people to begin and upload ten other humans in time. “When you have a community with an excessive unemployment rate, our wins are going to be small; however, they may be going to quantity to several accumulations over time,” Parsons stated. “And we’re going to continue searching for the one’s ventures to allow human beings to be employed outdoors of the community.”

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