The fresher the flour, the softer the cake 1

The fresher the flour, the softer the cake

One key to success is the superbly aerated shape inside, from the maximum tricky holiday cake to the humblest loaf of bread. Yet how many cakes and loaves have slumped despite untold care being taken in their practice? And what the number of bakers who have fallen into depression, no longer understanding why their creations never puffed to perfection?

Science may additionally have now observed the solution. A research paper published within the Journal of Texture Studies brings to mild a new element in the everlasting quest for the appropriate cake. It’s the result of work with the aid of a team of scientists from GENIAL, a joint research unit of INRA and AgroParisTech, working in collaboration with the Mondelez corporation. They found that the great of a cake is strongly related to the age of the flour used.

The softness of a cake is synonymous with its freshness. For it to be properly gentle, the partitions of its cells should be often perforated, with small and consistently sized air chambers. The feeling of softness of a cake is influenced by using the formation and distribution of bubbles within the dough instead of the firmness of the cell partitions – they’re in reality secondary.

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Cakes are historically made with eggs, sugar, fat, and flour, plus a small portion of baking powder. As the dough is combined, the bubbles within are stabilized using components from the eggs and flour. Flour proteins are also energetic when baking itself, giving the cake its shape – preferably as smooth and constant as viable.


During the production method of massive-scale bakeries, they can upload emulsifiers, materials that encourage the strong mixing of commonly unblendable fluids – oil and water, especially. In our look at, we used exclusive emulsifiers and flour elderly at among 1 and nine months to provide seven desserts. We then compared the cakes’ cellular systems and their softness. Afterward, we discovered the evolution of the desserts’ texture after 6, 13, and 32 weeks.

Scientific breakthroughs frequently contain years of studies, but chance also can play a key position. Even if the situation looks at cannot be compared to, say, the discovery of penicillin via Dr. Alexander Fleming, our discovery of the position of flour age inside the cake texture was also determined using chance. One flour pattern becomes used both before and after summertime, yet gave particular consequences.

We were surprised to find that the age of flour had a huge impact on the cakes’ cellular shape. Indeed, in the course of its unintended “growing old,” flour is enriched in loose fatty acids that change the way air is stabilized within the form of bubbles in the batter and their behavior all through the baking manner. It ends in a boom in bubble size, heterogeneity, and distribution, as well as cell-wall thickness. These and different modifications affect a cake’s cellular structure and, as a consequence, its softness.

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The emulsifying retailers in a cake make its bubbles smaller and more regular, and these, in turn, make the cake softer. Without an emulsifier, the cake’s texture will become coarser. With all of the predictable outcomes – especially, disenchanted appears on the faces of all of the cake fans at the prepared. When it comes to cake garage, it’s a common experience that softness decreases through the years. Nevertheless, if a cake is softer to start with, we determined that it will remain so over the years compared to those that are much less so, even weeks or months later.

The ConversationThe result of our research spotlight the reality that an internal cake is strongly related to dough composition. In addition to using flour as clean as viable, ordinary and fast checking of the evolution of a cake’s structure can assist produce continuously smooth cakes. This is why we strongly accept as true that the new picture-analysis technique, advanced through INRA and AgroParisTech, can improve baking high-quality manipulation, whether or not it’s within the manufacturing facilities of multinational meals large or your family’s kitchen.


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