The Takeaway Pizza Box Gets a Much-Needed Green Makeover

While lots of interest has been paid to the impact single-use espresso cups have on the surroundings, the takeaway pizza box has in large part escaped our observe. But Aussie pizza lover Philip Bonvino wants that to trade. After questioning how pizza packaging may be made more sustainable, he got here across the progressive “Swiss military knife” box design from GreenBox in New York. He worked to make the patented innovation available in Australia.

His family had owned a pizzeria in Melbourne. At the time, flimsy papier-mache-fashion bins have been to be had, which he said didn’t reflect the quality of the product inner, plus it wasn’t sustainable. “We had observed that the pizza enterprise changed into very gradual to adopt sustainable packaging,” says Bonvino.

The founder of West Metro Packaging Co, which producers the GreenBox in Australia. “There became honestly no high-quality low-effect packaging available and truly no longer a multi-use pizza field. We idea the GreenBox changed into the quality manner to update those outdated pizza containers and move Australia’s pizza enterprise in the direction of sustainability.”

The design is simple. The pinnacle of the GreenBox can be torn into four cardboard plates, whilst the bottom of the container can be morphed right into a wedged-fashioned garage field for leftovers. The compact garage field approaches you don’t just use plastic containers or plastic wrap, and your fridge isn’t overrun by way of a big container.


It’s made from recycled, domestically made cardboard and is used in restaurants in Victoria, South Australia, NSW, and Queensland. “It’s nearly like a transformer,” says Bonvino. In Sydney, it will soon be had at Stefano Manfredi’s PizzaAperta at leisure and enjoyment center West HQ in western Sydney.

In Melbourne, you can grab a GreenBox from sustainable Windsor pizza joint Small Print Pizza, as well as vegan-friendly restaurants 225 Pizzeria in Pascoe Vale South and Red Sparrow in Collingwood. In Queensland, they’re an Italian eating place Cucina Vivo on the Gold Coast. It will soon be landing in WA.

Metro Packaging Co is a socially aware packaging enterprise – for each container offered, and it donates 5 cents to St Vincent de Paul Society. When most people think about having pizza for dinner, they simply attain for the phone. The next time you reflect on doing that, consider cooking a great homemade pizza on your property.

The secret to fantastic homemade pizza is predicated on 3 easy things, the dough, the sauce, and the cooking method. This article will come up with a creation on the way to make self-made pizza. The base of any proper pizza is within the dough. Your alternatives for a tasteful dough variety from shopping for it from the grocery keep or really creating your own dough from scratch. Any grocery store can have frozen dough from several name brands together with Pillsbury and Tiseos.

Some grocery shops will also have freshly made pizza dough to be had. Another approach for the greater adventurous is to make your pizza dough from scratch at domestic. There are some notable recipes to make perfect pizza dough from domestic. However, all you normally need is yeast, flour, olive oil, salt, sugar, and water. One of the advantages of making your dough from scratch is that you may control what goes into the dough and now not fear a gaggle of preservatives and synthetic flavors that a few store-offered manufacturers can also have.

The 2nd element to any notable pizza is within the sauce. As with pizza dough, there are some of the appropriate tasting sauces available at any grocery shop. A personal favorite Dan Fratelli pizza sauce, which you could discover at some grocery shops. Another alternative is to make your personal pizza sauce at home. The benefit of making your sauce at domestic is that it gives you the danger of applying fresh tomatoes inside the sauce. While recipes vary greatly among extraordinary pizza sauces, the conventional sauce uses tomato paste, garlic, and herbs.


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