Visakhapatnam’s new rapid meals vacation spot

The timber fixtures and yellow lighting fixtures provide a fresh look to The Chick Nation, a quick food joint in Dwaraka Nagar. The 36-seater restaurant’s partitions are full of charges and doodles. Certainly one of which reads ‘Thank God it’s fry day.’ No wonder, considering fried bird is their pleasant-smelling dish.

There are four kinds of hot wings, hot and crispy (breast piece), lollipops, and strips (boneless). Apart from the one-of-a-kind styles and sizes, there isn’t a whole lot to tell them aside. All are deep-fried, topped with highly spiced masala, and served with tacky mayonnaise, salsa Mexican and tandoori mayonnaise dips. My pick is the tangy salsa one.

The six-month-old restaurant also gives burgers, pasta, pizzas, and rice bowls. In my final three visits to The Chick Nation, I have tried Drunken Prawns Burger, Double Decker Chicken Deluxe Burger, and Roasted BBQ Burger. The double-decker burger packs fowl patties between 3 slices of a bun, with additions of onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. My selection is the BBQ burger. It has a crunchy fowl patty crowned with barbecue sauce and French fries.


The alternatives are milkshake or ‘breezes, ‘ which can be soda-based beverages totally with flavored sugar syrup for thirst-quenchers. I try the Fruit Blast and Berry Lemonade. Both have been too sweet for me. After two failed tries, I couldn’t convey myself to try a third: the rice bowls and pasta fall brief of expectancies. The Chick Nation has four rice bowls Veg, Peri-Peri Chicken, Hot Wings, and Chicken Popcorn.

The chicken rice bowls have undeniable rice blended with a tomato and onion gravy and the topping of fried chicken. Instead, stay with the fried hen. Spaghetti Monster Ball is garlic-sautéed spaghetti served with two big bird meatballs, which were hard to rip into and chew. Make sure you devour adequate spaghetti with every bite of meatball, else you’ll grow to be with several spaghetti and no meat.

The 6,8, and 10-inch skinny crust pizzas are loaded with toppings. Even the smallest pizza is ideal for one meal. I would have loved the pizzas greater if they had used grated cheese in preference to creamy cheese, which appears and tastes precisely like mayonnaise.

Rapid meals are one of the most famous substitutes for eating all around the international. And as time has handed, elders and children alike have emerged as crazy after it and want to have sorted it as everyday food in their day-to-day existence. The reason behind its large recognition is that its miles very brief, convenient, and frequently quite less expensive.

Sometimes, a query might also stand up in your thoughts that why rapid-food is so cheap? The solution is, almost all rapid-meals dishes are fabricated from less expensive elements consisting of subtle grains, excessive fat meat, and added sugar, fats as opposed to nutritious foods like the sparkling result, lean meats, and greens. Therefore a few terrible consequences of ingesting have been determined, which include –

1. The food is a totally high power density food, and it’s miles taken into consideration that the excessive power density meals confuse the mind’s manipulating systems for appetite.

2. It may also boom human beings’ hazard of clogged arteries, which generally results in heart assaults.

3. Gains the load; subsequently, the maximum number of people are becoming the victim of overweight

4. Cause numerous sicknesses like – High cholesterol, High blood stress, Heart disease, Breast Cancer, Colon cancer, Gout, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, and Strokes

5. Make weight problems attain epidemic proportions, mainly in children.


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