Campus Kitchen brings food, companionship to Kentway Apartments

When Campus Kitchen first partnered with Family and Community Services to bring weekly dinners to Kentway Apartments citizens, they ate in whole silence, stated Kentway’s activities coordinator Jackie Flannery.

“It turned into like ingesting dinner in a library,” she stated.

But in much less than three months later, the citizens’ energetic chatter almost drowned out a live musician’s songs.

Family and Community Services purchased Kentway Apartments, a subsidized dwelling community for humans 55 and older, almost years ago and has considering that sought to enhance the lives of its residents, Flannery said. The opportunity to do this emerged when the countrywide Campus Kitchen approached Kent State’s bankruptcy with a $five,000 supply and asked it to use the cash to have interaction with older populations.

Since February, the bankruptcy has added nutritious meals and companionship to Kentway residents every Tuesday night. Tuesday, April 23, Campus Kitchen Kent State and Family and Community Services celebrated this software they’ve considering named Kentway Cafe with cake and a live track.

“Not handiest are we feeding them, however, we’ve 15 to 20 volunteers every week that come and dangle out with them,” stated senior nutrients important Robert Guard, Campus Kitchen Kent State’s manager. “We have a few people that have made relationships. They sit with the identical individual every week, and it brings joy to these people’s hearts.”

For some residents, he stated, this weekly dinner gives certainly one of few reasons to get out in their room. Seeing them excited to devour and socialize, he said, brings joy to his heart simply as it does theirs. The meals for this program, donated primarily from Trader Joe’s in Woodmere, often will become available on short observe, he said so instruction may be demanding. But although, Guard travels with drivers to Woodmere, regularly more than one instances each week, for groceries to supply Kentway Cafe, as well as different Campus Kitchen tasks.

Freshman nutrients principal Sarah Morris has volunteered at Kentway Cafe a few instances because it started. She volunteers in this precise program due to the fact she values getting to know citizens, she said.

“It’s truly notable because as soon as you come right here a few times, then you form of getting to recognize a few people,” Morris said. “They’re quite tons regulars. They’re buddies you see.”

That interactive thing of this unique opportunity surprised her, she stated.

“I clearly didn’t recognize what to anticipate after I first got here right here,” Morris stated. “I concept it changed into going to be like a normal volunteer opportunity, or like a soup kitchen or something in which you don’t actually get to engage with people.”

Senior vitamins principal Olivia Kimball additionally finds value in constructing relationships with Kentway residents.

“Everyone is aware of something that you don’t recognize so that you get to sort of examine with the aid of serving them,” Kimball stated.

The community thing is particularly unique to Kentway Cafe and distinguishes this application from others, she stated. She’s grown near one unique resident, she said, due to the fact he has granddaughters around her age. She seems forward to bringing him birthday gifts and speakme with him every week, she stated.

“A lot of those human beings don’t have a ton of circle of relatives to return go to them, so you kind of adapt to them,” Kimball said. “They’re greater like grandparents. You type of just feel, like, cherished and all people remember you.”