Congress Has Snatched Away Food From Poor Children

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses two public conferences in Gujarat today. This might be his first visit to his home kingdom because the assertion of elections was made on 10 March. PM Modi will address rallies at Junagadh Agricultural University and Songadh in the Tapi district. PM Modi is scheduled to reach Rajkot, where he will travel to Junagadh by helicopter. PM Modi will cope with a public assembly at Junagadh at 10.30 am, after which he will tour Songadh and address a meeting at 1.55 pm.

Congress Snatched Food From Poor Children, Says PM Modi. I have come to give you an account of the paintings carried out in five years and to take your order for the next five years. Are you pleased with the paintings performed by your son, this chowkidar? Are you proud that there is not an unmarried blot of corruption?

A new name has been brought to the list of corruption via Congress. Congress’s identity is connected to corruption below many names. But now, a new scam and proof have been delivered to the account of Congress leaders – Tughlaq Road Chunavi Ghotala. Congress has snatched away food from bad youngsters, snatched away from their meal & is filling the stomachs of its very own leaders.

Congress is looting the money exactly for pregnant women. In the final 3-4 days, you’ll’ve visible sacks full of coins of Congress leaders being located. It has not been even six months of an executive in MP. Congress had grown to become Karnataka into their ATM now; they’ve turned MP into an ATM. The fate of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh might not be any different.

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