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Grilling and barbecuing are synonymous with the summer season and appeal to some primal part of us: meat, fire, feasting outdoors. What’s no longer to like? Whether you’re a self-proclaimed pitmaster, outdoor griller extraordinaire, or simply an avid eater of BBQ, there’s lots to learn about the artwork and technological know-how of grilling. From the differences between wood and charcoal and the knowledge of whilst to use the lid in your grill to the nuances of regional barbeque sauce patterns and worldwide BBQ strategies, we’ve were given the whole lot you want to recognize approximately grilling and barbecue proper right here.

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Below, you’ll discover a wealth of statistics damaged down into the following categories:

Grokking Grilling: BBQ Basics
The Best Grills, Grilling Accessories & BBQ Tools
Getting (Barbecue) Saucy
The Joy of Grilling Fruit, Veggies, Pizza & Dessert
The Meat of the Matter: Protein Pointers

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Grokking Grilling

Before we department out into all of the finer points of fish fry, allow’s get returned to BBQ fundamentals.
Grilling 101. If you’re new to BBQ (or at least to grilling), start right here—this reachable manual will cover all the bases so you can grill with self-assurance even if it’s your first time. See our Guide to Grilling: How to Become a Barbecue Expert.


Barbecuing vs. Grilling: What’s the Difference?

The terms are regularly used interchangeably. However, they may be absolutely various things. Learn the essential differences so that you can school every person at your subsequent cookout. What Is the Difference Between Barbecuing and Grilling?

When Should You Use the Lid on Your Grill?

It’s not just for desperately smothering flare-ups. Find out the best instances to close it up even when the meals no longer on the fireplace: When to Use Your Grill Lid.

Which Is Better: Gas or Charcoal for Grilling?

Everyone prefers one or the alternative, but is one objectively higher? We break down the variations that will help you settle the rating—or at least determine which type of grill is right for you. Read about The Difference Between Charcoal and Gas for Grilling.

What’s the Difference Between Wood and Charcoal for Grilling?

Yet some another question of gas: timber vs. charcoal. Which is higher? That relies upon—and on occasion, they’re best once they’re working together. Find out approximately The Difference Between Wood and Charcoal for Grilling.

What Grilling Really Means inside the Midwest and South

The American south may be the primary vicinity you believe you studied when you suppose BBQ, but the Midwest has its very own grilling traditions too. James Beard Award-nominated chef Thomas Boemer explains and gives some amazing recommendations on barbecuing (wherever you’re). Learn about What Grilling Means within the Midwest.

A Guide to Barbecuing Internationally

The rest of the world additionally has scrumptious BBQ and grilling customs, from Korean fish fry to South African braai. Take a digital global BBQ excursion and try a worldwide grilling recipe subsequent time you hearth up your barbie. See our Guide to International Barbecue Styles.

How to Use Your Wok at the Grill

While we’re with regards to attempting new things, if you’re in no way used to your work on the grill, now is a perfect time. It makes for some of the quality stir-fry viable at domestic. See our Guide to Grilling with a Wok.

The Best Grills, Grill Accessories, BBQ Tools & Services

When you’re prepared to get into the grilling recreation, you need the right device. This has to assist set you up for fulfillment from the first-class grills to the quality marinades and even top meat delivery offerings.

The Most Popular Grilling Products on Amazon

Harness the information of the crowd to help you discover a new grill and everything to go along with it. See The Best-Selling Grilling Tools and Accessories on Amazon.

All the Other BBQ Tools You Need

Get chef suggestions on a few more grilling essentials for the season. Check out The Best Grill Accessories for Summer.

A Guide to Different Types of Grills

Trying to determine which sort of grill to get? See the pros and cons of all of the major options—and not just gas and charcoal. Get our Guide to Different Types of Grills.


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