Grotto Pizza’s sixtieth anniversary is arising

Adrianne Trala is rather of an icon at Grotto Pizza, up there with the enterprise’s popularity for swirly, cheddar-laden pies and piling on cheese earlier than sauce. The 30-12 months veteran takes her time taking walks from table to table, mingling with clients. When they playfully shaggy dog story about her taking walks stick, which is as tall as she, Trala bites returned with, “I’m now not scared to apply it.”

By the time Grotto reaches its sixtieth anniversary in 2020, Trala will be with the organization for half of that time. In 1990, whilst she started as a hostess, Trala becomes mourning the lack of her husband, who had died at 58 of lung cancers. She becomes running at Sears on time, and when some Grotto employees stopped by to pick up their orders, they advocated her to install a utility.

And she did. “I just wanted to be around people,” said Trala, now a manager at Grotto’s Grand Slam in Lewes. Trala is one in every of a hundred Grotto people who’ve been with the agency for 10 or extra years. Of the ones, 35 are, as a minimum, 20-12 months veterans.

In an industry with a seventy-three percent turnover fee, Grotto employees say the organization’s family-kind surroundings and career possibilities help preserve people for the longer term. Several modern-day managers and different better-united states of America commenced out bussing tables and prepping food on the production line. Ralph Galbreath, trendy manager for Grand Slam, calls Trala a “motherly discern” and a “tremendous person.”


“She can promote you anything,” he said, his heat laughter reducing thru the busy eating place. They’ve been running together because Trala started inside the ’90s. “I’ve been with him longer than his spouse,” she joked outside the kitchen. Trala had to begin with agreed to spend some months over the wintry weather hostessing at Grotto. She labored from September thru February, then went lower back to her process at Sears.

When subsequent September rolled around, someone from the company called her, asking, “Aren’t you coming lower back?” “Oh, you want me?” Trala recollects pronouncing. “Sure.” “And the rest is records,” she stated, smiling in her blue Grotto Pizza sweater. “I didn’t hesitate to come lower back. I adore it.”

The pizza, like the workers, goes returned many years. Grotto employees will tell you that, other than a few “tweaks,” the pie recipe hasn’t changed because 1960 when the first vicinity opened in Rehoboth Beach. Michael Jones, the organization’s meals and beverage director and a 38-yr veteran, commenced making pizzas at 10 years vintage. His father discovered an activity at an eating place in northern Pennsylvania, in which he grew up.

He made pizza there all through high faculty. After commencement, a pal informed Jones there was some other region out at Harvey’s Lake within the Poconos where they could paintings. It changed into a lake, with lots of fishing — an assured correct time for two university-certain boys. The pizza-making world is a small one: The eating place on Harvey’s Lake befell to be owned via the brother-in-law of Grotto owner and co-founder Dominick Palmieri. It’s additionally where Pulieri made pies before opening Grotto Pizza.

“Dom’s brother-in-law asked us to return down here and make pizza for Dom,” Jones stated. So he went south to Rehoboth, wherein he worked (and nonetheless works) at the unique restaurant. He got here back the subsequent summertime until he graduated university and became provided a full-time job. “As soon as I tasted the pizza, I knew Dom had something without a doubt specific,” Jones stated. “It becomes now not like some other pizza.”

Do employees consume pizza each day?

Jason Russell, the operations manager for Grotto’s Ocean City locations, laughed a bit. “I respect it every day. However, I don’t consume it every day,” he said. He appears at the pies to make certain the crunch is there, and sauce consistency is on point. But Grotto pizza isn’t always a day-by-day bite for him. Galbreath, on the other hand, has two or three slices each day. “As soon as we cook the first pie and I smell it baking, I’m like, ‘OK. Now I’m hungry,’ ” he said.


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