Inside Stavis Seafoods’ SeaTru, a life-style brand for “individuals who care”

Seau, the brand new lifestyle seafood brand announced by Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.-primarily based corporation Stavis Seafoods in March of this yr, aims to connect and empower human beings to make knowledgeable choices approximately the seafood that they consume.

Founded on principles of providing “scrumptious, first-rate seafood this is absolutely traceable, socially responsible, and sustainably sourced,” the SeaTru emblem will probably now not fall into the purchasing carts of good buy customers or individuals who prioritize charge over the entirety else, in line with Richard Stavis, the leader sustainability officer for Stavis Seafoods.

“The individuals who simply visit the shop searching out what’s going to be on sale, they’re not going to be the goal patron,” he instructed SeafoodSource. It’s a long way more likely that SeaTru products will discover their way into millennial households, Stavis predicted, because that era, by using and huge, tends to be greater influenced by using factors past price tags.

“With the older youngsters, the millennials, they’re just like the first technology who could make fully-informed choices at the fly. Instant gratification – in case you want to recognize something greater about something, you could,” Stavis stated. “[Millennials] care and that they make a few brilliant selections and they make decisions in a different way than most different clients do,” he added. “For these people, among the decisions that they make of their lives are based totally upon their value gadget.


They make aware choices that don’t ought to do with being the most reasonably priced necessarily – it has to do with making [purchasing] selections that assist them in living real to themselves. So when we are saying lifestyle logo, that is what we suggest. We’re speakme approximately humans who have a values-based existence and who live existence in keeping with those concepts, and we want to give them the capability to buy products that align with their cost device.”

The Seru logo is meant for “people who care” and “for whom [Stavis Seafoods’] cost device is important,” Stavis stated. The seafood distributor expects that purchasers’ reasons for worrying about the SeaTru emblem and shopping will range in several ways. “People ought to determine that that is important for many specific motives,” Stavis mentioned. “There will be a few folks that want to get into it because of sustainability. There may be a few humans for whom it’s a social obligation.”

Stavis confirmed the cross-live date for the logo at retail within the United States is slated for early summer 2019. Among the products included within the initial rollout are retail-prepared pasteurized crabmeat, Norwegian salmon, and seafood from the Prime Cuts Portion Program, such as salmon, halibut, swordfish, and tuna portions.

Each product blanketed in the SeaTru portfolio ought to be sourced from sustainably certified or domestic fisheries or from fisheries involved in comprehensive development initiatives, and ought to come from fisheries which can be exertions-secure screened or audited, as a method to make sure compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) standards. Although the primary institution of SeaTru services is geared toward retail, the aspiration for the brand is to reach all places where its ability customers buy seafood, Stavis said.

“Our audience is the folks who care about values-primarily based sourcing, and we hope to make our product to be had anywhere they purchase seafood, whether or not that’s at a restaurant, on a cruise ship, or at retail save. Wherever they buy seafood, we are hoping that there could be some new release of a SeaTru product,” he stated.


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