Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Samithi Bags International Prize for Innovative Organic Farming

A 25-yr-vintage natural farmers institution, Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Samithi, has received a worldwide reputation for his or her determined efforts in innovating organic farming. The Samithi is one of the Organic Medal of Honour winners that changed into started via Xichong, a Chinese Municipality in collaboration with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) Asia in South Korea. State secretary of the affiliation, Mr. Ashok Kumar V instructed The News Minute that “The award could be given on thirtieth May in Xichong. The prize quantity is USD 5,000. This is almost round three.5 lakh Indian rupees apart from the gold medal. the association would use this”.

The 25 years antique natural farming association has as many as 15,000 participants who are energetic farmers. The democratic formation and operations of the association that consists of their manner of fund series changed into one of the foremost reasons for attracting the global award. Mr. Ashok stated, “We have small in addition to large farmers who grow vegetables, meals, and cash vegetation in our affiliation. Some of them domesticate on cents and others with acres of farmland. Every yr, we choose farmers to turn out to be board individuals & stakeholders from among themselves”.

The affiliation selects Board individuals, an executive & a kingdom body that contains presidents, treasurers, secretaries & others from each district. Mutually they discuss troubles relating to organic cultivation and make decisions. They have our bodies within the Panchayat, Taluk, District, and State level. The State Secretary added that “While most other farming organizations paintings as Non-Government Organizations and request donations, we do no longer try this.

Organic Farming

Our contributors pool in cash in case of any activities”. The affiliation has proven ways to shield traditional rice sorts in addition to greens nearby to the country. He stated, “We encourage growers to cultivate traditional types of rice to maintain them. We then promote those varieties so that people can buy and grow them in other areas”. A few conventional greens which might be persuaded to be grown consist of eggplant, okra, green chilies, beans, and so forth.

The Samithi additionally conducts organic farming publications for folks that are interested. The route is held for around 20 Sundays in 21-of-a-kind farms wherein each principle of organic cultivation and sensible classes are held. Mr. Ashok stated, “There is no indoor class. Our teachers are farmers who have been growing organic produce. Students get to analyze the whole lot proper from the agriculture records inside the country to natural farming methods; growing fee brought vegetation & advertising and marketing of organic products”.

They are also educated on how to put off pesticides on produce and prepare dinner organic produce to preserve vitamins. Besides the organic farming training, at the village level, women and youngsters are taught to hold houses toxin-loose. He said, “It isn’t only within the veggies and fruit that you have toxins & insecticides; however, many different things that you purchase like paint, cleaning retailers, and so forth. Additionally, contain toxic components. Students are taught to apprehend and put off these”.

The association also organizes an organic farming pageant in numerous districts every year in which members can speak about their discoveries or studies in natural farming. This yr, the festival changed into held in Vadakara in Kannur. He additionally stated, “Here we’ve growers, each participant and people professionals who come from outside the kingdom, coaching us on their revolutionary ways of organic farming. This helps in the change of ideas. For example, a farmer from Tamil Nadu, Swaminathan, attended the festival in 2018 and supplied their modern organic cotton plant”.


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