Need to know approximately cauliflower pizza

Okay, let’s put this obtainable: Cauliflower is critically underrated.

This exceptionally versatile veggie is full of superfood nutrients (something we all need), and it has the electricity to take your favored comfort ingredients to new tiers. Besides, what different vegetable can magically grow to be pizza and nevertheless taste just like the thin, crispy, drool-worthy meals of your dreams?

Yes, cauliflower pizza is an aspect — a real thing. And it might simply exchange your lifestyles.

But we don’t expect you to go to the grocery shop and purchase thousands of cauliflower to throw right into a blender. That would be messy. Instead, you may choose CAULIPOWER‘s geared up-to-use pizzas, saving you precious time (you’re welcome).

CAULIFLOWER became founded via Gail Becker, a mom of two boys with celiac disorder, who became desperately seeking a nutritious, gluten-free option for her sons that wasn’t packed complete of fats, sugar, sodium, and calories. With the goal of revolutionizing common comfort meals by means of making them higher for you, CAULIFLOWER is giving every person get entry to to tasty, nutritious options to particularly-processed meals. And it’s proudly made in Canada, too!

Hungry for extra? These are four things you need to recognize approximately cauliflower pizza, which includes the maximum vital thing of all: How it tastes. Hold tight, we’re getting there.

It tastes simply as suitable because of the real issue

If we’re being completely honest, does it flavor precisely just like the actual aspect?

No. But it might be almost impossible to find something that matches up to the exact flavor and sense of an actual, full-carb, pizza crust, let’s be actual.

As far as alternatives pass, it’s pretty darn properly. If you’re searching out something low-carb, however absolutely can’t be fussed with going thru the method of making your very own cauliflower crust, then this could simply be what you’re after.

Texture-wise, it’s just like an everyday pizza crust, besides it doesn’t make you sense overly complete within the equal manner that bread does. And because it’s nevertheless crowned with all of your favorite toppings (you could additionally get a plain crust and create your own), you’re still getting your dose of tacky, marinara sauce-y goodness. Pro tip: Buy pizzas at a time because you can no longer need to share just one with all of your buddies.

It’s a nutrient powerhouse

Essentially, it’s pizza — but properly for you. (What an idea!) The reality is cauliflower supplies a few heavy-hitting nutrients. And it’s the main component in CAULIFLOWER! Packed with antioxidants like diet C and manganese, that’s now not all. It’s also full of phytonutrients, diet K, and omega-three.

The vegetable itself has been ranked as one of the maximum nutrient dense veggies. So yes, it brings lots to the desk. Maybe pizza may be your new favored vegetable.

It might also simply be the newest viral meals trend in 2019

If you stroll thru any health meals or grocery keep in 2019, you’ll be aware that almost every proper carb also has a cauliflower alternative. We’re speaking cauliflower fried rice, cauliflower gnocchi, you call it.

And it’s now not just at grocery shops both. There are some of the chains in the course of the U.S. Which are beginning to offer cauliflower pizza crusts as an alternative on their menus, and it’s only a rely of time upon earlier than they make their way to Canadian eating places!
It has fewer carbs than regular pizza

Gaining reputation first as an opportunity to rice, cauliflower is quite tons the appropriate way to eat veggies while pretending you’re consuming carbs. It tastes simply as scrumptious as the actual issue, and it’s an excellent substitute for rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, and yes, pizza. It’s a delicious pizza that loves you back.

If you’re seeking to pass for a decrease carb weight loss program, then CAULIFLOWER may simply be best for you. If you’d want to acquire $1.50 off your next CAULIFLOWER pizza, definitely click here!

You can locate CAULIFLOWER within the freezer phase of your nearest Loblaws, pick out Sobeys locations, Metro Inc, Longo’s, Walmart Canada, Whole Foods, Costco Wholesale, and extra.

Visit eatCAULIPOWER.Ca for greater information.