OSU Extension gives ‘Kids within the Kitchen’ cooking workshop

Kids a while 9 to twelve are invited to attend a -day cooking faculty. They may analyze the fundamentals of meal training and working information on what method to devour nutritiously. The “Kids within the Kitchen” cooking faculty is scheduled for June 6 and seven at the OSU Extension Conference Center, 2500 NE 63. The cooking school will begin at 9 a.M. And finish at 1 p.M. Each day. Participants will study primary cooking and food safety via operating in small corporations to prepare an expansion of dishes to be served for lunch.

“It’s critical that youngsters realize now not best how to put together their food but also how to make smart, healthful alternatives,” stated Taylor Conner, Oklahoma County OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, and registered dietitian. “Along with taking duty for his or her own diets and vitamins, cooking is a lifestyle talent that teaches math and analyzing abilities and boosts self-assurance.”

A pre-registration rate of $25 is required for the workshop no later than June 3, and the area is restrained. To be considered enrolled, a fee should be dispatched to Oklahoma County OSU Extension Service, 2500 NE 63, Oklahoma City, OK 73111.


Cooking for kids isn’t a clean assignment. They always appear to want the awful stuff: chips, soda, candy, rapid food. It could take quite a little work and a great range of wasted dinners to determine out their children’s tastes for any parent. To get your youngsters to devour right, you have to help them find appropriate food on their own, now not forcing it upon them. Here’s how you could introduce healthy food into your kid’s weight-reduction plan without placing up the main food fight.

Make party food regular meals. If your youngster eats extra at birthday events, why no longer deliver party meals into each day’s menu? A lot of celebration foods are virtually quite healthy. Liven up your dinners with colorful pasta, barbecues, and candied result. To hold them going, reward healthful eating with the occasional fancy dessert.

Sweeten up your recipes. Does your child have a candy tooth? Use it t your benefit through sweetening up conventional dishes consisting of roasts, stir-fries, and birds. Sugar isn’t always the best manner to do this. Discover healthful natural sweeteners consisting of cinnamon, chutney, and some cooking result. Use them as sauce bases, marinades, or salad dressings.

Get innovative. A bit of presentation can pass an extended manner on the subject of feeding youngsters. Perk up a kid’s celebration via serving colorful animal cupcakes instead of the usual chocolates and sweets. Don’t worry; if you don’t have time to bake, you could simply purchase simple cupcakes and beautify them with fancy animal shapes.


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