57 gadgets on the Milwaukee Golden Corral lunch buffet, ranked

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If there’s one component we revel in, it’s fried hen with mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, tacos, pizza, fish, ham, onion jewelry, broccoli, and fudge. Okay, that’s 11 things. The point is, all-you-can-devour buffets are clearly wonderful. You can get generous piles of all of your favored random consolation meals, together with a few pieces of honeydew melon and 37 types of delicious mayo-primarily based goo from the salad bar. It’s the quality in a manner of speaking.

Anyway, as fanatics of buffet-based totally eateries, we had been excited to peer Milwaukee these days get its very very own Layton Avenue vicinity of buffet mega-chain Golden Corral Buffet & Grill. South Side enthusiasm has been excessive, and features have been lengthy, so we held off on making our maiden voyage into the GCB&G until a sunny day this past week. Having in no way been in a Golden Corral everywhere before, it’d be a piece of a journey, in the way of talking.

As with most buffets, the scene changed into split up into sections. There changed into the salad bar phase, proposing a ramification of colorful and sparkling produce, at the side of masses of fluffs and salads full of raisins and craisins and so on. Plus, they’d deviled eggs. *shrugs shoulders* The dessert section on the give-up had all varieties of tasty baked items, at the side of ice cream and a chocolate fountain (more on that later)!

However, we didn’t go to Golden Corral for salads or cakes. Or soups—they also had 3 extraordinary soups, but we didn’t get any of that. We were there for the beef and potatoes of the buffet line, in each the literal and figurative senses. We desired the whole thing available at stations categorized “Comfort Food Corner” and “The Grillhouse” and “Here’s a Whole Bunch of Meat” and “Meat Meat Meat Potatoes Meat.” We sampled the whole thing they had within the buffet’s adequate center and walked away (slowly and carefully) with the fullest bellies within the universe.

If you ever make the trip to 300 W. Layton Ave., right here’s a touch observe manual for you to peruse. After tasting the whole thing on the meaty portion of the Golden Corral lunch buffet, we went again to the lab to nap and to assign scores to every one of the 57 gadgets in line with their standard scientific anything. Without further ado, right here are the one’s scores and a few quick memories to interrupt matters up a bit. Bon appétit.

lunch buffet

1. Awesome Pot Roast

2. Chocolate Fountain (on Dessert Bar)

3. Machaca Pork

4. Kettle Cooked Cabbage

5. French Fry

6. Onion Ring

7. Skillet Cornbread

8. Deviled Eggs (on Salad Bar)

9. Sausage Gravy

10. Biscuit

11. Smoky Cheese Potato Bake (Contains Pork)

On the way to Golden Corral, we were given a call from a pal who stated she spent all night time sitting around a bonfire, and the baked-in scent becomes nevertheless along with her at paintings at eleven the subsequent morning. Three to four people consuming at Golden Corral have identical trouble.

12. Brussels Sprouts

13. Charro Beans

14. Ham

15. Steamed Broccoli

16. Steamed Cauliflower

17. Green Bean Casserole

18. Poultry Gravy

19. Brown Gravy

20. Mashed Potatoes

21. Fried Fish

While eating the fried fish, Hootie & The Blowfish’s “Let Her Cry” was gambling over the speakers. We remembered hearing that music in seventh grade and questioning it become actually deep and emotional. Speaking of deep and emotional, why is there cheese sauce on our pants?

22. Sauteed Carrots

23. Baked Fish

24. Fried Chicken

25. Sauteed Zucchini

26. Bourbon Street Chicken

27. Viscount St. Albans

28. Mmm Mmm Meatloaf

29. Taco Meat

30. Queso Sauce

31. Macaroni & Cheese

32. Sausage Patty

33. Grilled Chicken Leg

34. Corn

35. Cheeseburger

The cheeseburger wouldn’t have been this excessive on our list besides that the roll it turned into on turned into genuinely tasty. Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” changed into gambling and a touch boy with curly hair changed into looking at us as we ate it. Parents, perhaps don’t let your youngsters watch what we’re doing here.

36. Tortilla Chips

37. Taco Shell

38. Hushpuppies

39. Mexican Rice

40. Grilled Chicken Breast

41. Pork Steak

42. Baked Beans

43. BBQ Chicken Breast

44. Scrambled Eggs

45. Baked Sweet Potato

46. Baked Potato

47. Pepperoni Pizza

48. Cheese Pizza

49. Cheese Sauce

A little girl in the subsequent booth was staring while we ate a taco, and she had a glance on her face like, “Hey, yeah! I have to devour buffet tacos at eleven:48 a.M. On a Wednesday for paintings.” No.

50. Popcorn Shrimp

51. Grilled Chicken Livers

52. White Rice

53. Hash Browns

54. Pancake

55. Fried Okra

56. Green Beans

57. Rice Pilaf

After we had been moderately full, we took a quick examine the cakes for educational purposes. The chocolate fountain turned into too much for us to skip up. There were symptoms everywhere declaring that no one beneath the age of 10 was allowed to apply the chocolate fountain by myself. As we are now of age, we expectantly grabbed a skewered chew of pineapple and slowly dipped it into the cascading ribbons of velvety chocolate.

As we pulled the masterpiece out of the fountain, our lives flashed earlier than our eyes as the pineapple began to slip off of the skewer. Some fancy maneuvering stored our scrumptious treat out of the bottom of the fountain and kept us out of Golden Corral jail. Now we recognize why “cakes” is “confused” spelled backward. Next time, we’ll stick with the meat and potatoes.


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