Alliance updates internet site to teach approximately Dirty Dozen

The Alliance for Food and Farming has an up-to-date website — safefruitsandveggies.Com — to serve a developing base of clients, dietitians, and others searching out technology-based facts on clean produce. The alliance, which regularly posts facts to train consumers approximately the safety of clean produce intake to the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen lists, has seen visits to the internet site grow.

“The safefruitsandveggies.Com internet site now gets tens of hundreds of traffic every 12 months,” Teresa Thorne, executive director, said in an information release. “We want to preserve to improve the website online, preserve our site visitors and appeal to new customers. The newly formatted site will assist us in doing this.”

According to the release, new sections include “A Dozen Reasons to Eat Fruits and Veggies” and “Five Facts About Produce,” expanding on popular blog posts on the website. A Safety Standards segment offers complete records on food safety regulations and natural/conventional pesticides.

“This has come to be a number of the most visited sections of safefruitsandveggies.Com due to the fact all the pesticide law records from various authorities corporations can be determined in a single location,” Thorne said inside the launch. “Instead of going thru multiple searches and websites to research more about those policies, human beings can simply come to safefruitsandveggies.Com.”

Dirty Dozen

Web pages, particularly for nutritionists and dietitians, are beneath improvement. Thorne said the alliance had requested facts on what to tell purchasers, customers, and customers after they asked about produce safety. “Since research shows consumers locate dietitians and nutritionists are a few of the maximum credible resources about pesticide residues and bring safety, it’s far vital they have quite simply usable facts,” Thorne stated in the release.

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