Catering Reimagined: Sterno Expands SpeedHeat Line for Quicker 1

Catering Reimagined: Sterno Expands SpeedHeat Line for Quicker

Sterno Products, the name synonymous with high-quality and performance in transportable food warming for over 100 years, today introduced from the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, the continuing growth of its SpeedHeat line, a flameless, water-activated machine that unexpectedly produces steam to maintain meals at the suitable temperature. Designed to satisfy a greater diversity of wishes for both the home entertainer and catering professional, Sterno will upload four new products, including refill packs, extra disposable chafer sizes, and a heavy-duty reusable chafer referred to as SpeedHeat HD. All are available for purchase now.

In the last 12 months, Sterno redefined drop-off catering to create the patent-pending SpeedHeat System that makes catering more secure and greener than ever. The addition of replenishing packs and SpeedHeat HD permits for multiples uses, at the same time as the brand new disposable sizes, provide an easy-to-use solution for smaller client lunches and group conferences.


“With the release of SpeedHeat, we noticed a possibility to undoubtedly impact the manner the drop-off catering industry continues food warm,” said Craig Carnes, President of Sterno Products. “Our clients have reaffirmed this, with many saying it’s the best product to keep meals heat when you consider that Sterno chafing gasoline was brought, which is why we are investing within the endured innovation of our new SpeedHeat services.”

“Not all catering occasions are identical, and we desired to address the variety of wishes that our customers have,” said Sterno Products’ Executive Chef Thaddaeus Smith. “One of the most important questions we acquired became if our SpeedHeat machine will be reused. While a few customers might also choose the benefit that a one-time use affords, we wanted to make sure that there were alternatives available for those who need to have the power.”

Headquartered in Corona, California, Sterno Products is the main producer and marketer of portable meals warming fuels, and creative table lights for the hospitality and client industries. The product line consists of wick and gel chafing fuels, butane stoves and accessories, liquid and traditional wax candles, catering equipment, and lamps. For over a hundred years, the iconic “Sterno” emblem has been synonymous with pleasant canned heat. The historical past of reliability and innovation keeps today, as Sterno Products maintains to bring to the marketplace new merchandise that supplies foodservice industry specialists and purchasers, moreover food first-class and décor. Sterno Products is a subsidiary of Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE: CODI).

Release Your Inner Socialite

Backyard barbeques are easy enough to cater for in your personal: it’s clean to prepare and cook meals for a small organization. However, if you’re preserving a big characteristic, the logistics of ordering, preparing, and cooking meals for your guests turn out to be complex. Often, you may find yourself strapped to the fish fry or trapped inside the kitchen for the whole thing of the occasion instead of mingling with your visitors and playing yourself.

Imagine looking to cook sausages and steaks for 40 people and upwards: it might take hours of getting ready and cooking. Not simplest this, however, self-catering is often greater highly-priced than hiring a catering provider to do the job for you. A caterer could be able to provide you with a fantastic rate per head for every one of your visitors in line with the meals you order. In addition, you’ll have the luxury of being able to socialize along with your guests and experience your personal celebration. A catering provider will do away with the obligation of ordering, preparing, and cooking meats and salads in your characteristic: they will even contend with the washing up!


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