Cool Smoke takes top prize at Memphis in May barbecue contest

Several days of guidance, partying, judging, and eating ended with a rushed evacuation because of an incoming hurricane. But before festival-goers called it a wrap on the Memphis In May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, one crew had to take delivery of the massive prize. Cool Smoke from Richmond, Virginia, claimed the first location in the shoulder competition and took the grand prize.

“It feels brilliant,” Jared McDonald said after the group grabbed their award for winning the shoulder department. “It’s perfect to get that coveted first area sooner or later.” Other first-location winners included Southern Smoke inside the “Patio Porkers” opposition, Nutts N’ Butts in ribs, and Hometown BBQ in the whole hog.

“We worked hard for the hog,” said Hometown’s Dusty Walley of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Competing for their first Memphis In May Barbecue event, Walley stated his crew chose the complete hog competition because he felt it’d be their first-rate opportunity to make a declaration. “We are going towards the nice,” Walley stated. “We desired to check our talents.”

“We had one shot, one sponsor who stepped up to place us in this factor, and we received it!” Southern Smoke of Vilonia, Arkansas, additionally received their category as first-timers at the competition. “This is our first Memphis in May, and will we win it? There’s no other feeling (to describe it, aside from) ‘epic!'” said group member Robert Perkins.

Perkins says the key to victory in the competition is to avoid overthinking. “It’s a bit of meat. All its miles are (feeding) human beings. All we ought to do is speak and have amusement. We supplied an exceptional piece of product. It became the first-rate, all the way around.”

Teams failed to get lots of time to celebrate inside the park; however, as the award rite emcee and WMC-TV leader meteorologist Ron Childers moved quickly, the lawsuits alongside a good way to aid the pageant team workers in evacuating the park earlier than a typhoon entered the location. Here’s a partial list of groups located at this year’s Memphis In May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest:


Ribs: Nuts N’ Butts
2nd Place: Rub Me Tender
3rd Place: Bluff City Smokers

Shoulder: Cool Smoke
2nd Place: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
third Place: Red Hot Smokers

Whole Hog: Hometown BBQ
second Place: Smokemasters Championship BBQ Team
3rd Place: Steamboat BBQ

Patio Porkers: Southern Smoke
2nd Place: Bambi
third Place: Deez Butts

Kingsford’s Tour of Champions: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

2019 Green Grilling Award: Designated Smoking Area

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