Hard on Mister Softee: London councils ban ice cream vans

Ice cream trucks are to be banned from operating in some areas of London over concerns approximately air pollution. Drivers need to hold their engines switched on while selling ice cream so that their onboard freezers live cold and power smooth serve ice cream machines. Most cars use diesel engines, which emit harmful chemical compounds consisting of black carbon and nitrogen dioxide.

Camden council already bans ice cream trucks from working in forty streets because of environmental worries. This 12 months, it is setting up “no ice cream trading” signs and symptoms and growing enforcement officer patrols in these regions, with fines for drivers caught promoting ice cream there. A council spokesman stated these areas had been focused for many reasons, including court cases obtained about ice cream trucks trading outside particular faculties, traffic congestion, and unlawful trading.

Westminster metropolis council is also trying to address the hassle of idling automobiles, together with ice cream trucks. A spokesperson stated: “Idling cars pump dangerous chemical compounds like NO2 and black carbon into the air, which is why at Westminster metropolis council we’re introducing measures to lessen, and in a few instances do away with, traffic around colleges and different public areas.” The London Local Authorities Act allows roaming ice cream trucks to alternate from a specific area for 15 mins, however not going back to that spot in the rest of the trading day.

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In recent years, the capital’s Low Emissions Zone has intended that many ice cream van drivers have been forced to promote their cars and invest in a new one. The shallow emission region, which got here into impact on eight April, approach vans that function in important London should pay a daily price.

Green Party London Assembly member Caroline Russell informed the Evening Standard: “This is a serious health problem. The Allez rate has helped, but we will have a situation where you may pay to pollute. The roaming vehicles that alternate in one-of-a-kind streets each day, those will disappear over the next few years.” Richmond and Tower Hamlets councils are considering putting in energy points in parks and markets so that ice cream vans would not want to maintain their engines running.

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