Mamata Banerjee bashes PM Modi over ‘kurta-goodies’ commentary

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is pretty break up approximately Prime Minister Narendra Modi going public with the present of kurtas and chocolates that she despatched him, announcing he had made a “political trouble” of the “courtesy” proven using her. Modi had said in a televised interview on Tuesday that the Trinamool Congress supremo sends him kurtas, which she chooses for my part for him, and Bengali goodies, each year.

What is inaccurate in sending kurtas? We ship items to many critical human beings for the duration of Durga Puja. You are seeking to make political trouble using divulging this fact. “I show you (Modi) a lot of courtesy, and you come here and abuse me,” Banerjee told an election rally right here. She stated she sends clothing made through well-known weavers from her nation and goodies to no longer simplest Modi; however, 100 other people on their birthdays and other activities; however, no one made an issue out of it. She claimed in doing so, the prime minister changed into “trying to build his photograph, but this isn’t always the manner of doing it.”

Banerjee said she does not do the “politics of riots and homicide” and requested whether or not Modi had forgotten the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002 when he becomes the chief minister. The fiery TMC leader’s irritated outburst notwithstanding, country BJP president Dilip Ghosh turned into appreciative of Banerjee’s gesture, saying it was the “right aspect” to do or even calling her “our dad or mum.”

“If Mamata Banerjee sent goodies, I suppose she did the right issue. If she has shown appreciation, I suppose there’s no mistake in it. I additionally consider within the same principle and suppose that every one politician should do it,” Ghosh told a press conference at the Kolkata Press Club.

PM Modi

He recalled how Banerjee called him as much as inquire about his health whilst he was ill. “She isn’t only our leader minister, however, additionally, our guardian,” he said, seemingly looking to use a dash of sweetness to cut through the poll-time acridity. If you have got a candy tooth and a taste for nostalgia, you currently have easily get entry to the old candy stores of yesteryear.

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