Confectioneries Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts, 2024 1

Confectioneries Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts, 2024

The “Confectioneries – Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts” file has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.Com’s imparting. The record affords separate comprehensive analytics for the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the length 2016 via 2024. Also, a five-year ancient analysis is provided for these markets. Market facts and analytics are derived from number one and secondary studies.

This record analyzes the global markets for Confectioneries in US$ Million through the subsequent Product Segments:  Sugar Confectionery (Sweetmeats, Boiled Sweets, Caramels & Toffees, Mint Sweets, Lozenges, & Other Sugar Confectionery), Chocolate Confectionery (Bars/Blocks/Slabs, Boxed/Assorted, & Other Chocolate Confectionery)

Gums Confectionery

The document profiles 439 companies along with many key and niche gamers consisting of:

Cloetta Fazer AB (Sweden)
Ferrero SpA (Italy)
Lindt & Sprngli (Switzerland)
Lotte Confectionery (South Korea)
Mars, Inc. (USA)
Mars Wrigley Confectionery (USA)
Meiji Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Mondelez International, Inc. (USA)
Cadbury (UK)
Nestle SA (Switzerland)
Orkla ASA (Norway)
Perfetti Van Melle SpA (Italy)
The Hershey Company (USA)

Key Topics Covered:


Confectionery – A Vibrant Industry
Developing Countries Lead Growth
Analysis through Segment
Sugar Confectionery
Chocolate Confectionery



Manufacturers Engage in Low-Calorie Options and Greater Transparency
Organic’- A Growing Fad
Reformulation – in Sync with Healthy Eating Trends
Probiotic Confectionery: The Next Wave of Innovation
Investments in Processing Technology Brace up
Premiumization & New Flavors Add to Consumer Appeal
Pricing Pressures Impact Confectionery Business
Sugar-Free Confectioneries Offer Bright Prospects
Sugar Substitutes Improve Penetration
Natural Additives Stunt Demand for Artificial Sweeteners
Licensing Strengthens Profits
Private Labels: A Potential Opportunity
Advertisement and Promotional Expenditure on Rising
Global Brand Strategies and Multi-Domestic Approaches Drive Sales


Competitive Scenario
Chocolate Confectionery
Gums Market: Highly Concentrated and Fiercely Competitive
Companies Move toward Digital Targeting


Innovations Veer the Sensual Side of Chocolates
Citrus Flavors Surge in Popularity
Fun Flavors Emerge
Nuts-Based Chocolates Remain Popular
Rare Fruits Gain Usage in Chocolates
Infusing Cereals into Chocolate
Chocolate with Floral Notes
Dessert as Raw Materials
Vegetable-Based Chocolates – A Unique Combination
Race for Melt resistance Chocolate Continues
Chocolate Sampling – A New Fad
Chocolate Personalization and Customization Helps Reach out the Adventurous
Gourmet Chocolates – A Niche and Attractive Market
Health Claims Continue to Drive Dark Chocolates
Increasing Demand for Premium Chocolates within the Travel-Retail Segment
Miniature Versions Find Greater Appeal
Companies Adopt the Choco-holistic’ Approach
Regulations Lay Emphasis on Transparent Labeling


Evolving Role as a Functional Product
Gum Companies Offer a Plethora of Interesting Flavors
three-D-Printed Chewing Gum
Chewing Gum for Relief from IBS Symptoms
Cannabis-Based Chewing Gum for Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Demographic Shift Prompts Adult-Specific Products
Growing Health Concerns Inflate Sales
Change in Consumer Preference towards breath-freshening Gum
Limiting Calorie Intake with Chewing
Nutraceutical Gum: A Potential Opportunity
Functionality Surges Sugarless Gum Sales
Bubble Gums – Set for Rejuvenation
Fierce Competition Keeps Prices Down
Biodegradable Gums – The Next funding avenue
Companies Capitalize at the High-Impulse Attribute


Innovation and Positioning Strategies Upstage the Sugar Sector
Consumers Turn to Exotic Flavors
Portion Control Formats – A Key Trend
Manufacturers Roll Out Candies in New Flavors
Lollipops Get Creative


Lifestyles, Eating Habits and Demographic Profiles
Consumer Demographics – A Key Growth Determinant
Kids – An Important Demographic Market
Shrinking Family Size Lead to Higher Discretionary Spending
Rise in Disposable Incomes to Drive Gains
Product Innovation, Package Innovation, and Branding
Competition from Snack Foods and Other Impulse Buys


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