Ostaad gives Central Asian cuisine on a platter

If you want to be transported to the land of magic and Arabian memories, Ostaad, a brand new luxury best-dine space may additionally just get you there with decor and environment that draws have an impact on from Arabic tradition. The area of expertise eating place serves Mughlai delicacies however additionally dishes out the nice from Balochistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Three chefs take charge of the cauldron stirring up a few mystery recipes from Central Asia creating magic to your plate.


We started our meal with the Raw banana and Pulled Jackfruit Shaslik (Rs 355) that are cooked to perfection with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency. The Spinach and Cheese Spanakopita (Rs 375) become flaky and scrumptious. The bite-sized Mushroom Galawat, served on a coin-sized Kashta bread (Rs 355) actually melted for your mouth. Though the bread changed into a chunk too crisp, we still loved the mixture. The Murgh Pashtooni Sheek (Rs 395) turned into soft and succulent. For the mains, we attempted the Dal Ostaad (Rs 395) and the Ostaadi Pulao (Rs 325), a suit made in culinary heaven, the smokiness of the dal went properly with the fragrant strands of the pulao.

The Kagura Gosht (morsels of lamb braised on dum with spices drizzled with saffron and ghee is likewise a terrific option for non-vegetarians. Mop all of it up with a Sheermal (Rs a hundred seventy-five) a traditional flatbread crowned with pistachios for a sweet-savory mixture. For dessert, you could treat your sweet tooth to a flaky Baklava (Rs 395) or a Umali (Rs 395) in case you want something that’s now not brazenly sweet and pretty much proper! We additionally propose the Irani Berry Sangria (Rs 495) to clean it all down.

Verdict: Ostaad is an extremely good alternative for those looking for an excellent-dine enjoy and a mélange of wealthy flavors. They additionally have a good choice of vegetarian options and a separate Jain menu, with a segregated section within the kitchen for vegetarian cooking.

Where: Ostaad, floor ground, Trade Tower B, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel (W)

When we think of the Indian delicacies, we normally think of fragrant dishes peppered with herbs and spices, and that notion is usually proper. The Indian cuisine is in reality acknowledged for its robust taste and robust aroma because of the sort of herbs and spices that they use on their dishes.

The Indian delicacies also vary from one vicinity to another. This is due to the fact there were loads of factors that helped shape the evolution and history of the Indian cuisine, depending upon the vicinity as said above.

The Indian techniques and methods of cooking can be traced again to approximately five,000 years in the past. It has been shaped by using the land in addition to the product that comes from a selected region; for this reason, there are various local Indian cuisines. Aside from this, their religion has additionally significantly prompted their cooking. Another thing that considerably encouraged Indian cuisine is the investors as well as the vacationers that bypass via the vicinity. They leave in the back of new cooking strategies as well as new dishes and new components that the locals incorporate into their cooking. The rulers who ruled also prompted Indian cuisine. But what is most fascinating is that the identification of the unique Indian cuisine by no means got misplaced. In fact, it has retained its area of expertise, and all those affects the simplest more advantageous the cuisine and made it richer.