Ramadan ice cream trail: #15 Liquid nitrogen and ice cream

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Gulf News goes on an ice cream path this Ramadan.
Our 15th choose of the month is the mixture of fruit and ice cream.
Be organized for our list of 29 ice lotions for 29 days.
End your rapid and enjoy the Summer months with these sweet and bloodless treats.

Food traits are very famous on social media. Whether it’s miles black ice cream or gold on food, absolutely everyone is waiting for the next huge issue. A trend that is still popular at the net is the use of liquid nitrogen in the culinary arts. Welcome to our subsequent select of the month…
#15 Liquid nitrogen ice cream
What is molecular gastronomy?

The idea is a subdivision of meals technological know-how, which investigates the ameliorations of substances that arise in cooking. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the time period changed into coined in 1988 by way of overdue Oxford University physicist Nicholas Kurti. Using liquid nitrogen as a method of freezing is a method that comes beneath this umbrella.
What is liquid nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in a liquid country. It is a very cold, colorless liquid that has a boiling factor of −195.Seventy-nine tiers Celcius. According to reviews, the usage of the chemical dates back to 1890, when it changed into stated in a recipe book written through Agnes Bertha Marshall, an English culinary entrepreneur. She became popular in the Victorian period, and turned into known as the “Queen of Ices”, because of her work on ice cream and different frozen cakes.
Why is liquid nitrogen used?

Liquid nitrogen is used in dessert and in some drinks due to its fast chilling capacity. It is also used to create a ‘smoky’ effect, which occurs whilst the chemical comes in touch with the surrounding air and creates a vapor. Basically, it’s miles an Instagram favorite.

Chef Varun Nadkarni, who has worked with liquid nitrogen, said: “When utilized in ice cream, liquid nitrogen maximum absolutely changes the texture of the dessert. It freezes the ice cream so quickly, it allows bring out the flavors extra. It impacts the ice cream on a molecular degree and opens the pores, for this reason supporting with the flavor.

“However, while one is coping with liquid nitrogen, people need to be very careful. It is dangerous due to the fact the chemical is nearly two hundred stages below 0, freezing factor. You want to know precisely how to manage the chemical.”
Residents respond…

Dubai resident, Mariam Moustafa Ali Ghazi said: “Using liquid nitrogen to provide ice cream is simply trendy and quick. It also adds the detail of enjoyment, and is instructional.”

The 31-12 months-antique Egyptian countrywide added: “I’ve seen liquid nitrogen being brought in liquids as properly however that’s extra for show and presentation, which pulls humans to strive it.”

Dubai resident Nikhil Mammen is a fan of liquid nitrogen being used in food. The 24-12 months-old Dubai resident stated: “The consistency is distinctive and it tastes extra like gelato in my opinion. I think because it is a fresh idea it tends to be on social media greater, form of like black colored meals.”

Where are you able to discover it?

A lot of eating places inside the UAE use molecular gastronomy at the same time as making their dishes. If you are trying to have fresh ice cream made with the assist of liquid nitrogen, head to Ice Cream Lab, in Dubai Mall and The Inventive ng room in La Mer.

At ice cream lab, the ice cream is ready in front of you with the help of liquid nitrogen. Customers can choose their flavors and toppings.

Area manager, of Ice Cream Lab, Arun Sharma advised Gulf News: “The organization wanted to come up with an ice cream, which is creamier, tastier, softer… There is not any use of synthetic flavors or colorings and everything is made the usage of natural elements.”