This Cup of Joe Costs $seventy five and Is Being Touted as the World’s Most Expensive Coffee

A California cafe is brewing up what it calls the sector’s maximum steeply-priced espresso — at $75 a cup.

Klatch Coffee is serving the unique brew, the Elida Natural Geisha 803, at its branches in Southern California and San Francisco.

The 803 inside the coffee’s call refers to the report-breaking $803 in keeping with pound the beans bought for at the latest auction after winning the Best of Panama espresso competition, stated Bo Thiara, co-proprietor of the Klatch department in San Francisco. He calls the once a year competition the espresso international’s equal of the Oscars.

Only one hundred pounds (45 kilograms) of the beans were to be had for purchase, and maximum went to Japan, China, and Taiwan, Thiara said. Klatch secured 10 pounds (four.5 kilograms) and is the only chain in North America to have it.

The espresso’s excessive quality and confined deliver set off a bidding battle that determined its astronomical price, topping closing 12 months’ triumphing beans that offered for $601 consistent with the pound, Thiara stated.

Klatch describes the espresso as a rare kind of Arabica variety from Panama referred to as Geisha that has a floral, tea-like taste with suggestions of jasmine and berries. The 10 pounds of beans will produce about 80 cups of coffee, Thiara said.

A few lucky coffee lovers got to strive free samples Wednesday on the San Francisco department, wherein promotional signs and symptoms are on display marketing, “World’s Most Expensive Coffee.”

One of them changed into San Francisco resident Lauren Svensson, who stated it changed into “very distinct” from any coffee she’d ever tasted.

“My thoughts turned into a touch blown approximately the truth that a $seventy five cup of coffee even exists,” she stated, “but it turned into shockingly desirable.”

Her pal, Charlie Sinhaseni, also gave his free sample a superb overview.
Coffee shops are a dime-a-dozen in San Francisco.

Seriously, there are over 300 espresso stores in the course of the City – that’s about 6 according to a square mile!

Why is there such a lot of? SF is a worldwide leader inside the innovative, third-wave coffee motion – a movement that objectives to provide superb espresso as an artisanal product, like craft beer or wine.

This is terrific information for us, as San Franciscans love their coffee. We narrowed down our list to the great, and then the pleasant of the exceptional to convey you this list of coffee stores you need to visit before you die.

Réveille Coffee/Cafe Réveille
Réveille Coffee commenced in 2010 when brothers Thomas and Christopher Newbury commenced selling espresso out of a repurposed shipping truck. Six years and four locations later, Réveille serving up a number of San Francisco’s tastiest espresso and espresso liquids. After moving into Mission Bay simply six weeks in the past, Cafe Réveille is already generating lots of buzz on Yelp and social media. With vibrant shades mixed with modest, artsy decor, Cafe Réveille is a notable spot to grab an espresso, breakfast/lunch or spend a touch little bit of time telecommuting. (Note: Cafe Réveille is likewise open for dinner and liquids each night.) All beans are roasted in-house, and their mocha is one of the most famous gadgets at the menu. Réveille Coffee has other locations in Jackson Square, The Castro, and North Beach.
Cafe Réveille (Mission Bay) – 610 Long Bridge Street, San Francisco, CA

“When I first checked out it, I idea it’d be hyper-pretentious, and I would think of all the distinctive notes for the coffee, however, I was too busy enjoying it,” he stated.