The vegan candy tooth: Java Juice Cafe opens in Flagstaff

Mark and Mary Schroeder met in excessive school; he turned into a junior at Flagstaff High School, a sophomore at Coconino. Thirty years later, they’re married, have two kids, and, as of April 1, run their very own business. Java Juice Cafe is the latest addition to the Flagstaff shopping plaza that also homes Bookmans and Sprouts. The keep specializes in all matters sweet, however healthy. It’s also vegan. Schroeder and his spouse have chosen to avoid meat and dairy products for two decades, he stated, and the whole lot they promote maintains to that popular; Juices, smoothies, ice cream, crepes, even coffee. Organic foods and drinks are prominent in Java.

“We had been trying to do something healthful like this, something this is vegan and designed to hold human beings on the healthier facet of lifestyles,” Mark Schroeder said. The store’s gentle-serve ice cream is coconut-based totally, instead of milk or cream, and whipped lotions and espresso components use almond or coconut milk. The juices are made with the use of fresh ingredients; the ice cream is fruit-based totally. And, nearly the whole thing is made in-house, Mary Schroeder stated. This includes vegan baked goods, ice cream cones, waffles, and crepes.

“Plus, I suppose our Boba tea is satisfactory in Arizona,” Mark Schroeder stated. In commencing the enterprise, the couple has made certain to test all of the recipes they expand earlier than they hit the mouths of customers. Even their kids, thirteen-year-vintage Eric, and 11-yr-antique Jonathan have helped create and perfect several recipes, pleasant-tuning them to perfection.

Java Juice

“I supply all of the credit scores to my lovely spouse and children,” Mark Schroeder stated. Currently, other than Schroeder’s kids, Java Juice Cafe has six personnel. That and commercial enterprise has been good and constant in keeping with the Schroeders. “The high-quality remarks from clients is that they can experience and experience awesome about themselves. I assume we’re imparting something which can convey pleasure to someone,” Mark Schroeder said.

The crepes are the maximum famous menu object, he stated, especially with kids — each his own and people of customers. The second-most famous is the soft-serve, in line with Mark. The circle of relatives is doing its excellent to make the menu low-cost, which may be a venture for vegan restaurants, which often require a better overhead than their meat and dairy alternatives.

“A lot of instances you’ll cross and get vegan things, and it’ll value you 25-30 bucks just for two cakes,” Schroeder stated. “We’re slightly above other desert locations but are seeking to maintain it inexpensively while imparting the very best high-quality product we will. People were grateful, satisfied, and supportive common.”

And, in homage to Peak Sweets and Popcorn, whose former space Java Juice Cafe is now leasing — the couple has kept the puffy, crunchy treat at the menu. There are 20 flavors of popcorn to select from, and whilst the maximum of the popcorn toppings are vegan, there are one or that aren’t. That’s the simplest object that is not, however. “But we ensure to mark the whole thing, so human beings understand what’s and aren’t vegan,” Schroeder stated. The vegan dessert spot is open every day from 10 a.M. To 8 p.M. Starting on Memorial Day, Java Juice Cafe will shift to its summer hours, which allows you to be 9 a.M.-9 p.M. Each day.


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