Turkish Airlines to Open Five Lounges at New Istanbul Airport

Following its “Great Move” to its today’s base at Istanbul Airport, Turkish Airlines introduced that it is prepared to open five lounges at the brand new airport, available for Business Class, Miles & Smiles, Elite and Elite Plus, Star Alliance Gold and Corporate Club passengers.

Three of the lounges – the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge, Miles & Smiles and Domestic – have already opened, even as the Exclusive and Arrival lounges are set to open in summertime 2019.

The Turkish Airlines Business Lounge covers a place of 60,000 rectangular meters. It can accommodate up to 765 travelers and features thirteen non-public suites with showers and a 130sq.M. Museum which operates in collaboration with the Istanbul Modern art and lifestyle foundation.

In addition, the Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Lounge covers 60,000 rectangular meters and offers 11 eleven non-public suites with showers.

The two lounges also consist of conference rooms, a library, and a prayer hall.

Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines’ Domestic Lounge is accessible via a unique gate placed outside the terminal in order for passengers to have the ability to complete test-in processes and switch directly to the plane via buses.

The lounges’ amenities additionally consist of comfortable seating, Turkish delicacies, a large children’s play place, a media wall with multiple television displays and a prayer room.

Furthermore, the layout of the Business Class and Miles & Smiles lounges replicate an Aegean subject matter. According to the statement, the exceptional Turkish Airlines Ribbon Wall is stimulated by way of a flowing motif and includes solid wooden frames that resemble a wave moving through the lounges.

The new Istanbul Airport is taken into consideration to have a fantastic capacity for Turkish Airlines and the worldwide aviation enterprise and is predicted to welcome 2 hundred million passengers in line with yr upon final finishing touch.

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