Wine names Philly’s Cadence as No. 1 pick out for Best New Restaurant

Food & Wine picked “community charmer” Cadence in South Kensington as its No. 1 for the mag’s Best New Restaurants 2019 list. The Philly BYOB beat out different restaurants making a name for themselves in New York City, Los Angeles, and Austin. Chefs Michael Fry, Samantha Kincaid, and Jon Nodler opened Cadence in March 2018 at 161 W. Girard Ave. The restaurant serves new-American delicacies, with a focal point on seasonal ingredients from the area, and has each à Los Angeles carte alternatives and a 4-route menu, in addition to a thoughtful nonalcoholic drink choice.

“Simple pleasures and severe meals – for once, you don’t ought to select between them,” states Food & Wine as for why Cadence received the top spot on their annual listing. The mag praises Cadence for being a “sense-excellent restaurant” with “basic goodness that incorporates via in every trade” and additionally states, “Both savory and sweet are treated with a masterful command of acid here.”

I have had the terrific fortune to travel around the arena and pattern the meals of many one-of-a-kind cultures. While there are many nations with fantastic culinary traditions, there are others that aren’t so extraordinary. I truly consider that American delicacies have to make us all proud.


Allow me to begin with the hamburger. I recognize that it technically began in Germany. However, Americans have taken this culinary satisfaction to an entire new stage. Whether it is with cheese, bacon, veggies, or any other aggregate you possibly can think of, the hamburger might be the maximum recognizable example of American cuisine and something that, in my travels, I have located other nations try and emulate.

Another instance of American delicacies that makes me particularly proud comes from my domestic nation of Texas. Chicken fried steak is a dish that I actually have in no way seen anybody stroll far from dissatisfied. I take into account once I went to an eating place inside the coronary heart of London known as The Embassy of Texas. I noticed that every purchaser began ordering the “variety 8” meal, and I knew without even searching that it needed to be the Chicken fried steak. Sure sufficient, it changed into, and I ordered it myself.

One of my preferred representatives of the wide and various panorama referred to as American cuisine is as uniquely American as the sport with its miles most usually associated. The hot canine is something in which nearly absolutely everyone pride, and I had buddies from Italy who most effectively desired to eat warm dogs for the complete week they have been traveling me inside the U.S. Again when I become in college.

Casseroles are also a form of American delicacies that I actually have visible many of my Mexican buddies revel in. That is something that usually becomes unexpected to me because, at the same time, as I genuinely revel in casseroles, I eat Mexican food on a fairly ordinary foundation. When I am around my buddies, they’re always asking whether we can have green bean casserole or tuna fish casserole, and I am always asking approximately tacos, tortas, or enchiladas.

Another famous dish right here in the United States is fried hen. It usually surprised me when I went to international locations in Europe what number of KFC locations there were, and the reality that they were always packed to the gills. I do like KFC, but I had no concept it had accomplished this degree of recognition in Europe, and there once more, we are talking approximately American fare.

When maximum people reflect consideration on the rich culinary traditions of the sector, Italian, French, Mexican, and Chinese often come to mind. Still, I suppose we Americans can preserve our heads excessively as well. While we might not have pretty the diversity of meals that a few other cultures have, American cuisine ought to make us all proud.


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