Ask The Salty Waitress: My entree was inexcusably overdue

Dear Salty, I went out to a pleasing restaurant these days: now not especially fancy but a great spot for a date or an enterprise dinner. Anyways, I went with a celebration of 4 on a Tuesday evening, when it changed into much less probably to be packed. However, our server was best, a little overburdened because even though it wasn’t packed, it was busier than they predicted, and they have been brief-staffed. Fine.

We ordered several appetizers and small plates for the table as a group, and I also ordered an entree. The apps all came across the same time; they had been all delicious, all of us were taking part in themselves. But as time handed, I realized I nevertheless had not obtained my entree. I had expected it’d come later, but this turned into happening 45 minutes. So I referred to the waiter over and asked after my dish.

He had absolutely forgotten, and I had to remind him of the communication we had after I ordered it, so he went to test the slip in the kitchen. He had written it down. However, it went absolutely out of his mind, and each he and the kitchen neglected it. He apologized and admitted that he had forgotten because it was busy, and I preferred his honesty. My desk agreed to wait for me to get the entree because enterprise had slowed down, and the kitchen ought to fire it up fast, and it becomes quality. Not worth the wait, however pleasant.


Later, our server delivered over two desserts to the house and apologized again for the sooner mistake. I didn’t want dessert, so I exceeded. However, my companions nibbled a chunk and favored the free candies. But I couldn’t help feeling that this changed into a lazy apology. Instead of comping me for something I did order, like my forgotten entree, I turned into given something I didn’t ask for in any respect.

Maybe I don’t like dessert, or I actually have hypersensitive reactions to some of the substances, or I’m on a weight-reduction plan, and so forth. I suspected that they happened to have a gaggle of these desserts pre-made, sitting in their fridge, so it becomes easy to drag them out and present them to us. Certainly, they lost much less cash with the aid of giving us loose dessert than an unfastened entree.

Am I proper to experience that this was a lesser apology, a quasi-bribe searching for forgiveness, than real restitution? There’s no duty for restaurants to apologize in any respect, only professional and moral courtesy of path. However, I determined myself feel uncomfortable and wanted to ask a professional!

Didn’t Want Dessert

Dear Didn’t Want Dessert,

The basis of your predicament stumps me. Didn’t need dessert? My thoughts struggle. But I assume there are humans available who might turn down free cake. What an international! Desserts are a reasonably trendy comp due to the fact, as you guessed, they’re exceedingly clean and don’t disrupt the kitchen flow if they’re premade. There are also a few powerful psychologies at work: Desserts are the last food you ate at the meal so that they stick to your mind as you’re signing the check and mentally reviewing how accurate of a time you had. Free desserts that were great of them, you’re imagined to suppose.

It sounds like you weren’t too pissed about the not on-time entree in the second in your state of affairs. Your server becomes sincere about the mistake, and it appears like he gave your desk the possibility to cancel the entree order. But you agreed that you wanted it, and the meals ended up tasting nice. It’s handiest after you got those two unfastened desserts which your table did eat and experience, using the manner that you started to marvel if you couldn’t have got something else for free. That’s no longer how freebies paintings, candy pea. They’re a gesture of goodwill, a small token, and you don’t get to select and pick which loose factor you want. If eating places comped entrees for every small hiccup, we’d exit of commercial enterprise.

We usually reserve comped entries for what I’d confer with as Major Fuck Ups, like when your food is inedible or it by no means comes out in any respect. In your case, you purchased your entree, and it tasted pleasant. Especially if this was a small-plates, tapas-y sort of place in which food comes out staggered anyway, the server, in all likelihood, didn’t suppose the delay messed together with your meal all that a whole lot. As on your what-ifs. What if I had a hypersensitive reaction? What if I had a previous traumatic experience associated with crême brulée? Well, you don’t. Your desk ate the cakes and appreciated them. They have been loose. Doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal in my book.


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