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Utah County has long been a haven for foodies, with cuisines and specialties from throughout the globe offering countless specific and actual experiences. But it’s not simply principle route meals making a mark on the location’s precise culinary cabaret. Desserts additionally have performed a big role in shaping the panorama of soul-inspiring sustenance, with every restaurant or save curating a most effective enjoy for diners that’s both particular and on-trend.

So what are dessert developments?

If you’ve lived inside the location for any period of time, you’ve in all likelihood seen an adequate range of eateries come and go, specifically about the after-dinner specialties. Through the years, waves of frozen yogurt shops have popped up along the Wasatch Front, mingling with particular ice creameries before being largely overtaken with the aid of an insane call for connoisseur cupcakes.

And don’t even get us started on soda shacks with their candy treats. Now, it appears cookies are coming to the forefront, with freshly baked options, late-night time deliveries, and a hearkening back to the traditional consolation of warm cookies and milk. With trends often shifting, how do neighborhood commercial enterprise proprietors live on top? Here is a study of 3 precise dessert spots which might be going beyond the traits to serve their clients.


1195 N. Canyon Road in Provo

When it involves cakes, it’s hard to discover something more unique than Wash; a former “car wash turned late-night time city eatery.” Previously the Cougar Car Wash, the venue offers a selection of fries and grilled cheese in the manner of food, with an ample assisting of combined beverages and desserts spanning from “Tabletop S’mores” to “Pizookie” (a freshly baked cookie with ice cream), now not to mention churro bites and churro ice cream sandwiches.


Founded and owned by Sean Kang, Wash is geared toward filling a void within the culinary scene in Provo. “It’s a surprisingly enjoy-focused eating place,” Kang said. “Creating an environment where human beings ought to pass and be and dangle out turned into something I constantly dreamed of.”

Born and raised in Provo, Kang stated there wasn’t a whole lot of a shift in social surroundings when he started going to college there, so while the possibility supplied itself to create something particular with Wash, especially something that could fill a need, he jumped on it. “It’s an enterprise with a personality,” he defined. “Several big organizations are coming in and that they’re very green and good at what they do, but there’s something approximately the small business.”

Kang’s own family has been in the restaurant enterprise for 12 or 13 years now, beginning with taking up the prevailing Yamato Japanese Restaurant in Orem earlier than beginning a sequence of Pho Plus restaurants currently bought within the circle of relatives. It changed into identified throughout the board that there was robust capacity for a remarkable eatery at the old vehicle wash place; however, it took simply the proper amount of creativity and ambition to shift to an experience-based commercial enterprise like Wash.

“Wash is more of a ardor assignment,” Kang said, noting that he additionally works as a statistics analyst at a tech enterprise in American Fork, with Wash filling his time around that. “It, in reality, comes right down to environment. I assume the target populace I had in mind after I opened the eating place turned into college students. We’ve definitely accomplished well attracting that crowd and setting that tone. Still, I would love to look it moving a touch bit extra of a circle of relatives-pleasant direction – more of the network is the dream that I even have, where human beings say, ‘If you go to Provo, go test out Wash.’ ”

When it involves other groups in Provo with comparable markets, Kang said he hopes the experience is what sets Wash apart. “A lot of different commercial enterprise models are very a hit, like cookies places and soda stores, but they’re not a lot in my thoughts approximately growing studies for people as gratifying a need,” he stated. “I just truly feel like Wash became my chance to provide Provo and the network something that I wish that I had.”

Though Wash offers frozen, warm, and unique beverages along with sodas, desserts, and a basic food menu, quite a few of its successes and reputation come returned to the vibe. “There’s something for absolutely everyone,” Kang said. “It’s a hazard to enjoy a nightlife Provo hasn’t had earlier than that’s smooth, friendly, and no longer intimidating. “My own family, in reality, owned that car wash for taking place nine years now,” Kang persisted. “I was there accumulating cash, emptying trash from vacuums, and breaking up ice inside the iciness. It’s cool to peer it rework from an old car wash into this new scene.”

As to the future, Kang said he’s considering transitioning from simply an evening status quo to together with brunch hours with an internet café vibe that’s no longer simplest near campus; however, a venue that gives greater options for the relaxation of the network as well. “That’s the path we’re headed into,” Kang said. “It may not happen for some months; however, it’s on the horizon.”

Crumble Cookies

586 N. 900 West in American Fork, 1820 W. Traverse Parkway in Lehi, 677 N. State St. In Lindon, 160 E. University Parkway in Orem, 152 W. 1230 North in Provo, 24 Pioneer Crossing in Saratoga Springs, 330 N. Main St. In Spanish Fork.

With 21 shops currently open and forty total now inside the works, which includes, by a famous call for Ogden, what began as just a dream between loopy cousins has become quite scrumptious and worthwhile reality. Crumble Cookies was founded in 2017 by using cousins Jason McGowan (co-founder and CEO) of Provo and Sawyer Hemsley (co-founder and COO), who changed into, on time, attending school in Logan.

According to McGowan, “Crumble commenced as a small cookie keeps in the small metropolis of Logan, Utah. It began with one huge dream, crazy cousin,s and the suitable mixture of flour, sugar, and chocolate chips.” After “heaps of greenbacks in wasted dough” and recipes that failed to meet expectations, McGowan and Hemsley knew they needed to take their business to the following stage if it was going to continue to exist or thrive.

That’s wherein McGowan’s history within the software enterprise got here in to play – the duo started A/B trying out the cookies – tweaking just one aspect or cooking method among two cookies and taking them to neighborhood places along with gasoline stations to get opinions from the general public. The very last product, they agree with, is the arena’s first-class chocolate chip cookie – a staple, in conjunction with chilled sugar, on a menu that rotates weekly.


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