Delicious Ways to Use Up the Mayo in Your Fridge 1

Delicious Ways to Use Up the Mayo in Your Fridge

Mayo is a flexible emulsion made from oil, egg yolk, and acid (normally vinegar or lemon juice). As summertime gets nearer and nearer, we’re plotting each scrumptious pasta and potato salad we’ll be making with mayo for backyard barbecues and seashore picnics. But this aspect is right for loads greater than just salads! Read on for amusing, fresh methods you may end off your subsequent jar. You could make it yourself or locate our favorite sort of Hellman’s mayo right here.

Use it as a marinade.

Brush a thin coat of mayonnaise on meat, hen, seafood, or greens to assist save them from sticking to the grill. This step also seals inside the herbal flavors and juices and stops your protein from drying out.

Make a delicious dip.

Mayonnaise makes a mean summer dip for chips and vegetables. Mix it with avocado, cilantro, and lime for a delicious spin on guacamole, or stir with lemon juice, chives, Dijon, and bitter cream for an appropriate herbed crudité dip. You can also do because the Belgians do and dip crispy veggies or fries into immediate mayo.

Fluff up your eggs

To make your morning eggs exceptional fluffy, stir in a tablespoon of mayo in keeping with eggs before scrambling them.


Upgrade your grilled cheese

Looking for a quick crowd-pleaser? Assemble your grilled cheese sandwich components and brush the outdoor bread with mayonnaise earlier than throwing it on the grill or stovetop. It will make the sandwich incredibly crisp, rich and add a further tart-and-tangy touch.

Stir into salad dressing

Mayonnaise is the proper base for any creamy salad dressing. Grab any ingredients you have reachable (like clean herbs, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sriracha, lime, or mustard), stir them with mayo, add a bit of vinegar and spices zipping, and voila. You can make creamy Blue cheese, Ranch, Spicy Sriracha, or Lemon Herb dressings in mins.

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Satisfy your candy teeth

Baking with mayo is a “thing,” we swear! It’s a great factor to hold pie crusts from crumbling and cake batter tremendous wet. Try swapping your egg with three tablespoons of mayonnaise to your next chocolate cake recipe.

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