Deputies need your assist locating guy who robbed pizza transport driving force

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office desires your help locating 17-year-antique Raquan Parker of Macon. Authorities say that Parker is wanted in connection to the armed robbery of a Domino’s Pizza delivery motive force. The incident took place on April 19th around 11:30 p.M. Within the 800 blocks of A Street.

Authorities discover the transport driving force as 68-12 months-old Abusomwan Osazuwa of Macon. They say that Osazuwa changed into delivering a pizza while Parker and two other suspects approached him. Authorities say that Parker pointed a pistol at Osazuwa and demanded the keys to his vehicle. The 3 suspects fled the scene in Osazuwa’s Toyota Avalon.

Sheriff’s deputies recovered the automobile on April 21st around 7 p.M. Deputies say they also recovered a stolen gun. Authorities say that Parker is understood to frequent the south Macon vicinity where his mother lives. However, the circle of relatives has now not seen him for some time. Deputies say Parker stands approximately 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 150 kilos. There is no description of the alternative suspects. Investigators are still attempting to discover them right now.


Millions of humans inside the world make pizza. However, a maximum of them only does it for a dwelling-for a paycheck. They’re no different from the burger-flippers in speedy-meals places everywhere-and you understand how tasteless a quick-meals burger is, especially compared to the real element. Just as there are makers of gourmet burgers, so too are their makers of gourmand pizzas. These humans are a unique few, and they practice their craft as a whole lot for romance as for money. These are real pizza makers, now not simply folks that take place to make pizzas.

What’s the difference? True and successful pizza makers have things that others lack: ardor and expertise. By passion, I imply an insistent need to produce first-rate pizza-to dive into the intricacies of the paintings and emerge as a master of the artwork. It allows if you have Italian ardor, but any obsessive pressure will do. By know-how, I suggest deep information-the thorough getting to know of someone who is examining 1000 cookbooks and baked one thousand pizzas.

It took me a few years before I changed into able to understand those two things. Still, now I know that they’re the keys to success-no longer best in making pizza, however additionally in every different job on the earth, be it housework or engineering. Passion and knowledge cross together: you can’t have one without the other. And without each, you can not ever be successful. If you are each passionate and informed about a certain sort of paintings, then it stops being paintings-it will become a satisfaction and an honor. If the work turns out to be pizza-making, then it turns into a good residing too, because skilled pizza-makers get hold of outstanding salaries.

Of the two factors, ardor comes first. It’s what allows you to advantage information-it’s what lets you sacrifice in your dreams. You’ll never prevail in the craft of pizza (and life in preferred) if you are not inclined to sacrifice. When I started my profession, I did not recognize a good deal about pizza. I knew a great pizza from a terrible one, however so did each other Naples boy. The details of what made an amazing pizza-how the dough turned into made, why a wood-burning oven changed into used, what particular substances had been involved-was all a mystery to me.


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