Steaming pizza billboard is NOT on fire, cheesed-off Mounds View authorities say

A steaming pizza billboard in Mounds View alarmed motorists and became a headache for law enforcement.

The billboard, marketing for the Iowa-primarily based Casey’s comfort shop chain, is ready with a fog system that offers the pictured pizza the effect of being fresh from the oven.

But numerous motorists notion what they had been seeing was smoke and called 911 to document a hearth.

“Everybody that drives through thinks the billboard is on fire,” stated Sam Alexander-Sedey of Blaine, who had known as the emergency number. He stated the operator told him “they have been fielding loads of calls all week.”

Alexander-Sedey drives by the billboard on his manner to his airport job regularly. He stated it’s on U.S. 10 close to the Interstate 35W junction in front of Medtronic’s Mounds View office building. He became annoyed to discover he’d been duped.

“I concept it became horrific advertising and marketing,” he stated. “It’s no longer an excellent use of sources.”

The Mounds View police and hearth departments felt the identical manner.

“We have had several calls about it wherein humans think something is on fire,” said Mounds View Police Chief Nate Harder. “I’m certain it regarded as a terrific concept on the time, but one we’ve needed to react to.”

Harder said the signal has been up for a few weeks and the calls have diminished because the climate has warmed up.

“I suppose with the climate being a little bit nicer, it doesn’t steam as lots, however, while it was given a bit colder it did look like there was pretty a bit of steam and a few clouds of smoke,” he said.

The billboard became installed by way of Clear Channel Outdoor marketing agency, which has an office in Minneapolis. An income accomplice who replied the telephone, but did now not want to be named, confirmed that the enterprise had received calls from authorities asking them to close off the fog machine.

The enterprise did close it down for some time, the companion said, however then posted a observe on the billboard assuring motorists that the billboard turned into now not on fire and became it lower back on.

The customer, Casey’s General Store, has had equal trouble with the billboard layout in different Midwestern states wherein it’s miles marketing it’s new and progressed on-line meals-ordering internet site.

The Gazette newspaper in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, wrote a tale May 12 quoting the local police branch’s Facebook publish pronouncing: “The billboard and smoke gadget are supposed to depict a steaming warm pizza. There is not any fireplace and do not name 911 to order a pizza!”

Patricia Pearson, a proprietor of Atomic Props and Effects in Oakdale, stated they’ve had something comparable take place to them with a past prop.

“A lot of this stuff is just theatrical fog, but people freak out and suppose the board is on the fireplace,” she said. “Location makes all of the distinction.”

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