Essence of Greece at Festival in Byblos

An “essence of Greece” will flood the metropolis of Byblos, locally referred to as Jbeil, on the shorelines of the Mediterranean in Lebanon this June. Byblos will host the Greek Festival of Lebanon, an occasion held for the first time in this united states of America. For 3 days, beginning on June 7, the Lebanese city will sample Greek music, food, and dance. “The Greek Festival of Lebanon hasn’t bested a competition. It is an experience for all the senses. Greek delicacies will meet Greece’s song and dance traditions, promising a unique enjoy for all visitors,” said the organizers.

“This is the first time a massive open-air competition of this kind has been organized for the reason that gives up of the civil struggle in 1975. We only had small-scale events in lodges or smaller venues, but nothing this massive,” George Eid, the pageant’s organizer and director of operations, instructed Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA). The assist provided by Greece’s ambassador to Lebanon Fragiskos Verros changed into crucial for the successful setup and management of the festival, Eid instructed ANA.

“Everything about this pageant is true; it comes from the coronary heart,” says Eid, journalist, and writer of ‘Kalimera Men Beirut,’ which means “Good morning from Beirut,” a documentary on Lebanon’s Greek network. Eid is the grandson of a Greek refugee and has lengthy ancient ties with Greece through his lineage from the Greek island of Samos and the town of Izmir on the Turkish coast.

Lebanon’s Ministry of Tourism is sponsoring the competition in collaboration with the Greek embassy.
Jbeil has been declared an international monument of cultural, historical past by UNESCO and is thought for exporting cedar wooden to the world from its port.


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