New foods on deck for season opener at Clipper Stadium 1

New foods on deck for season opener at Clipper Stadium

As enthusiasts prepare for another season of looking the Lancaster Barnstormers go domestic plate at Clipper Magazine Stadium, they must also cross their personal plates with new food and beverage items on the stadium. Since he started overseeing the meals provider for the stadium years in the past, chef Bob Rothfus says he has been operating closer to incorporating greater local meals vendors and ingredients into the culinary blend at the stadium.

“We at the moment are doing double patties on (all our fashionable) burgers,” Rothfus says, “so you’re getting 8 oz of meat. That’s unheard of within the concessions global. It’s a without a doubt excellent, juicy burger. “We’ve additionally gone to a quarter-pound. For our normal hot canine,” he provides. Rothfus says that the chook tenders and fries are the most popular meals object sold inside the stadium.

New companions

“This year, we’re truly excited to partner with Stoltzfus Meats,” of Intercourse, Rothfus says. “We’re the use of their sausages inside the Los Angeles carte menu (for the skybox suites) and out at the Broken Bat, which is our (craft) beer deck. We’ll be selling their cured meat sticks.”


Philly Pretzel Factory and Hess’s Barbecue are returning as subcontractor companies at the Clip. One location in which Rothfus can exercising his creativity is inside them. A. Carte menu for the skybox suites on the Clip. These are the gadgets available in the suites, past the organization catering programs of appetizers, sandwiches, and sides.

This season, Rothfus adds such gadgets as empanadas, waffle nachos, kielbasa, and pork-shoulder sandwiches to that menu, together with new cocktails and cakes. The Broken Bat Beer Deck, introduced to the Clip last yr, offers 22 place craft breweries and one neighborhood vineyard for craft beer fans. After years of including and refining the menu options at Clipper Stadium, Rothfus sees various meal picks and partnerships ahead.

“Now, I feel like I’m really getting my stride,” Rothfus says. “I’m quality-tuning. I see, in the next yr, an even larger boom. I’m without a doubt feel we can do new, exciting (meals) and produce in new partners and sincerely deliver human beings the experience of a meal that they’ll experience.”Briony Stephenson introduces the hidden delights of Portuguese cuisine.

Despite the lasting influence it has had on food in such distance-away locations as Macau and Goa, Portuguese delicacies are extremely underrepresented in outdoor Portugal. Often harassed with Spanish cooking, it is, in reality, pretty awesome. At its high quality, Portuguese meals are easy substances impeccably prepared. Based on regional produce, emphasizing fish, meat, olive oil, tomato, and spices, it capabilities hearty soups, homemade bread, and cheeses, in addition to sudden combos of meat and shellfish.

For a rather small country, Portugal has an unexpected gastronomic range. The Estremadura place, which incorporates Lisbon, is well-known for its seafood – the fish market at Cascais, simply out of doors the capital, is one in every of the most important in the united states – while the production of sausages and cheese some other place adds any other size to the countrywide delicacies. The Algarve, the remaining place of Portugal to gain independence from the Moors, and located on North Africa’s doorstep, contributes a centuries-old tradition of almond and fig sweets.

Traditional Portuguese meals are typified with the aid of fish. Indeed, the Portuguese have a long record of absorbing culinary traditions from other peoples. The age of discovery become propelled by using the choice for unique spices. In view that Vasco da Gama located the ocean course to India on the flip of the sixteenth century, they have proved fairly famous.

Peri-peri, a Brazilian spice transplanted to the previous African colonies, is used to flavor chicken and shrimp. Curry spices from Goa are not unusual seasonings. These spices are usually used very sparingly, adding diffused flavor and depth to dishes. Those influences have helped make Portuguese meals so markedly extraordinary from that of different Mediterranean nations. There are scores of restaurants specializing within the cuisines of the old empire and Brazilian-style juice bars providing liquids and ice cream made from special fruits in Lisbon these days.


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