Popular New Jersey Chef plans to open Italian eating place on Hilton Head this month 1

Popular New Jersey Chef plans to open Italian eating place on Hilton Head this month

Nunzio Restaurant + Bar is on the timetable to open on New Orleans Road on Hilton Head Island this month, in line with manager Maribel Patruno. The eating place’s owner, Nunzio Patruno, has visible fulfillment with New Jersey eating place Nunzio Ristorante Rustico, which opened in 2003 and has been reviewed via The New York Times, amongst others.

“Adulation of clean vegetables and seasonal substances may additionally appear current, but Nunzio Patruno grew up cooking this new old school way years ago, and he has the unswerving hordes to show it,” the New York Times article says. Maribel stated staff at the Hilton Head restaurant is currently hiring, completing touches, and going through the closing collection of inspections.

1 three hundred square-foot kitchens have been added to the 18 New Orleans Road area — a former Reebok Crossfit area. The eating place, capable of seat approximately one hundred seventy-five humans, also could have a huge bar region and two outdoor seating regions.

A menu has but to be released for the eating place, but Maribel stated it’s going to awareness on Italian delicacies and be mid-variety priced. “We are not looking to be the unique occasion,” she said. “There is something for all and sundry at every rate factor.”


Angelo D. Patruno, Nunzio’s brother, could be the chef delicacies, Maribel said. He owned Ristorante Il Melograno in Doylestown, PA, for almost 20 years. Radius Magazine says Angelo was born within the Puglia vicinity of Italy and attended the Culinary Institute of Italy. The magazine serves the arts community in Bucks County, PA.

“Once you’ve got an awesome component and it’s clean, it can speak for itself,” Angelo said inside the article. “Keep it easy and use sparkling elements. That’s my aim.” An open house task honest will be held Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 a.M. To 7 p.M. On the eating place. They are hiring for all positions.

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