Earn loyalty factors and loose juice for redeeming glass jars

In the back of the Heirloom Superfood Market in Lawrenceville, a commercial bloodless-press juicer sits in the middle of the Pittsburgh Juice Co. Carrie Dambrosio cuts 8 bowling-ball production chamber-sized watermelons in 1/2, then quarters. She attaches a large mesh bag to at least one aspect of the juicer and starts filling it with the fruit.

The opposite facet of the juicer begins to transport closer to the side with the bag whilst she turns the crank. Soon, the 2 sides flatten the bag of watermelons, and juice pours into a stainless steel bin, filling the room with a delicate scent of summertime. Ms. Dambrosio, a member of the production group, offers the melons several greater pressings to extract all of the juice possible.

“We don’t need to waste a factor,” she says. The watermelons yield roughly five quarts of juice. It is blended with strawberry juice for one product and grapefruit juice and basil juice for any other. Siblings Naomi and Zeb Homison very own the Pittsburgh Juice Co., at 3418 Penn Ave., and the Heirloom Superfood Market — in the former 31st Street Tavern at 3101 Penn Ave.

Mr. Homison also owns the Yoga Factory, which stocks the construction with the juice agency. The Horizons opened the organization in 2013, while sales of juicing machines within the United States had accelerated via seventy-one percent from the preceding yr, in keeping with the market research company NPD Group.

“We are sincerely seeing extra human beings taking into account juicing as healing, beyond extraordinary tasting,” Ms. Homison stated. An introduced incentive is that loyal clients receive factors, and in flip unfastened jars of juice, when they return the empty juice bottles, which can be reused with the aid of Pittsburgh Juice.


Pittsburgh Juice’s drinks are unpasteurized; this means that they have more nutrients from the food than pasteurized juices do; however, they ought to be eaten up in three to four days, and then microbes can grow. Pasteurization is a heating process that no longer only destroys harmful microbes but also sacrifices some nutrients inside an extended shelf existence. The lid of the jar you buy bears the expiration date.

A small truck shuttles a load of bottled juices 3 blocks from the production room to the juice company each day and a satellite area in Oxford Center, Downtown, throughout the paintings week. There is not any shortage of superfoods in any of those juices, and no brought the sugar. For instance, Witches’ Brew is made with juices from pressed cucumber, apple, kale, spinach, celery, lemon, and ginger. The smoothie Drink Me incorporates blue Majik spirulina, cashews, dates, coconut oil, vanilla, and crimson Himalayan sea salt.

Asked how they know what substances to put together and in what percentage, Ms. Homison said her workforce has experimented, “but loads of our initial information got here from mentors” within the juicing enterprise, “uncooked foodists who sell it as a means to recovery.” Besides juices and smoothies, the shop sells elixirs, shots and infusions, smoothie bowls, grain bowls, rolls, and frozen treats.

Most neighborhood bloodless-press juice outlets use plastic, or a mixture of glass and plastic, to bottle their products. Fresh From the Farm in McMurray and McCandless; and Salud, with places in Oakland, Shadyside, Lawrenceville, and Sewickley, redeem their glass jars and give their customers loyalty factors for his or their return, and so does Pittsburgh Juice.

As a long way as might be determined, Pittsburgh Juice is the handiest one that exclusively uses glass. “The glass we use could be very pricey,” Ms. Homison said. “But we desired a jar that becomes strong so that it can be reused, and we’re blessed to have a local consumer base” that receives it. You can tell the regulars via the glass clinking in their totes once they stroll into the store. Customers who return empty jars get four points per jar. One hundred points are well worth a loose jar of juice.

Sixteen-Ounce jar prices $10, a charge explained via the extent of food needed to extract the juice. One complaint of juicing is that a lot of food is wasted when it turns into pulp. Still, Ms. Homison stated her personnel had found innovative ways to apply a great deal of the byproduct as possible spinach pulp in clean rolls, strawberry pulp in fruit leather, and almond pulp in cookies.

Using byproducts and reusing jars allows hold charges down in what Ms. Homison stated is “a difficult enterprise. We use quite a few superfoods, which might be costly, and natural food is more difficult to find locally and is a lot extra high-priced than non-organic.

Calling for more studies almost about the advantages of juicing, Harvard Health Publishing reported in 2015 that “a few research indicate that kale juice may improve lipid degrees, including LDL cholesterol, which affects your chance of heart disease. Carrot juice may additionally lessen oxidative strain inside the cells of girls handled for breast most cancers. Citrus-based total juices and carrot juice may also lessen heart ailment danger.

“On the alternative hand, juicing gets rid of the skin and insoluble fiber of fruits and greens,” the file states. “The juice itself has a specific nutritive value and might not have the identical health blessings as complete culmination and greens.” Regardless, regular consumers say they are bought at the health advantages.

“I take yoga here, so juicing become just a herbal step,” stated Steve Bland at some point in one visit from his home in Highland Park. “I’ve been coming right here since it opened. People do ”blanch at the fee,” he stated, “however don’t forget the produce that goes into it and the technique. Plus, you’re getting it in the glass. That’s the market charge. Juice in New York is $15. People spend money for something — $5 every day for one espresso!”

“During the day, in case you don’t have time to eat, you could crack open a juice,” said Susan Consentino of Troy Hill, who lately retired from a process Downtown. “There are people who have it brought to their office because there’s no time to consume.” Paul Fitzsimmons and his whole own family in O’Hara are frequent consumers. He back 4 bottles for 20 factors someday these days, and, when his buy rang up, his loyalty points scrolled to 220, correct for two free bottles of juice.


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