Sweets Announces Launch of No Sugar Added Peanut Butter Cups Filled

A leader within the no-introduced sugar motion with its botanically-sweetened chocolate and confections, these days announced the debut of new Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, with flavors so unbelievably top you may not even omit the sugar. This statement follows the thrilling growth of the brand, including doubling the enterprise’s size in 2018. More these days, Lily’s Sweets is up 186 percent in MULO and 84 percent in the natural channel.1 The new Peanut Butter Cups will debut at Sweets & Snacks week in Chicago and hit shop cabinets nationally in Q2 2019.

Lily’s Sweet’s new Peanut Butter Cups (MSRP – $5.99/3.2oz pouch) are made with thoughtfully sourced, Non-GMO components to fulfill the identical expectation as each product from the logo: candies and not using an introduced sugar crammed to the brim with natural deliciousness. The cups offer simply the proper ratio of peanut butter to creamy, chocolatey goodness you’re certain to obsess over.

Botanically sweetened with stevia, the new Peanut Butter Cups have less than 1g of sugar and beat 130 energy in line with two cups (30g) serving. As with all Lily’s Sweets merchandise, the brand new Peanut Butter Cups are fair alternate licensed by Fairtrade America,d authorized gluten-free,e and brought the GFCO seal. They additionally match the requirements of a ketogenic or different low-glycemic eating regimen. The Peanut Butter Cups are a convenient pouch with six, in my opinion, wrapped cups ready to satisfy each day’s cravings.

“Sometimes, the pleasant ideas come out of your fanatics. After seeing enthusiasts of our Baking Chocolate time and again create peanut butter cups at home, we figured why now not create our personnel to meet that want,” stated Cynthia Tice, founder of Lily’s Sweets. “It’s so amusing to peer our innovation pass into one-of-a-kind classes while turning in no-sugar-added options so suitable you might not even leave out the sugar.”

The American Heart Association recommends consuming the most effective 25-35g of sugar a day. Still, the average American presently consumes more than double that quantity, growing dangers for various fitness troubles, from standard weight advantage to heart sickness and cure cancers. As consumer awareness of the fitness issues related to sugar grows, so does the choice to reduce ordinary sugar intake. Eighty-four percent of purchasers agree they’ve constrained the amount of sugar in their food plan in the last year.

2 As the number 1 nationally-allotted, natural, no-sugar delivered emblem, Lily’s Sweets is here to assist in lessening common sugar consumption while not demanding all of us surrender candies. As an answer for any lifestyle, Lily’s Sweets has experienced an interesting boom in the ultimate year, including growth to more than 10,000 shops and outpacing repeat purchases at 50 percent in a highly impulsive class, signaling a loyal client base.3

“Our team is pleased to build upon Cynthia’s work as a trailblazer inside the natural merchandise industry to convey greater human beings candies they could revel in daily,” shared Jane Miller, Lily’s Sweets CEO. “We are on course to experience a sustained increase in 2019, preserving our role as a frontrunner in the no-delivered sugar motion.”


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