Where to devour from Rosemary Beach to Destin

Frank Szymanski, chef de cuisine at Emeril’s Coastal Italian in Sandestin, turned into born at the Gulf Coast. During high college, he spent his summertime nights washing dishes at Harbor View Cafe in Long Beach, Mississippi, and his days unloading shrimp and oyster boats.

“It made me appreciate wherein these elements come from,” Szymanski said. “It’s a lot of hard paintings. It’s just now not snapping your hands and shrimp suggests up.”

For a maximum of Szymanski’s career, he has cooked along the coast, in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. The vicinity, he said, doesn’t have its own delicacies. It’s an amalgam of New Orleans, Cajun u. S. A ., the Carolina Lowcountry and Mississippi’s barbeque. And plenty of restaurants, like the one in which Szymanski cooks, take an idea from locations a ways from Destin.

Guided via instincts for good eats and pointers from Szymanski and different chefs, Brett Anderson and I spent days binging our way from Seaside to Destin. Lots of locations didn’t make the cut. Here are the ones worth a visit, regardless of where you’re bunking. (Hours may be seasonal, so call to verify.)
Black Bear Bread Co.

The ramekin of butter for the wet and crumbly biscuit changed into sprinkled with fleur de sel. The large cinnamon rolls have been gooey but no longer too sweet. The kouign-Amann, a buttery French pastry, was caramelized sufficient that it tasted a piece like butterscotch. Debbie Swenerton, the top baker, changed into a James Beard semi-finalist this 12 months, and the honor becomes well-deserved. Come back for lunch: The baguette sandwich with ham and cheese could make a Frenchman smile.

Emeril’s Coastal Italian

Say “Emeril,” and the world thinks of New Orleans. The chef who wishes no advent (or last call), however, now lives in Florida. He can power his golf cart to this restaurant and frequently does. Even if you do not see the famous person, you will know he is in the kitchen whilst the specials listing balloons to nearly the scale of the normal menu. Don’t assume the Emeril classics right here, like barbeque shrimp or Miss Hay’s filled chicken wings (they do have the banana cream pie). Instead, the menu overseen by means of chef de delicacies Frank Szymanski appears to Italy’s Amalfi coast for an idea (and the Gulf Coast for seafood), with dishes like flatbreads, Tricolore salad, day by day fish specials, and rigatoni with shrimp and broccoli named after Emeril’s son, E.J.

Idyll Hounds Brewing

Do they have got cornhole? You wager. A foosball gadget? Check. Best of all, Idyll Hounds has a beer. Beer this is balanced and served nearby of the brewery. The faucet room, deep in a business park, has a man-cave aesthetic. The brewery, one of the area’s exceptional, merits a detour for beer nerds or a forestall on a rainy day. Idyll Hounds beers are available at some stage in the location at stores, bars and eating places.

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