Get a taste of lip-smacking haleem at Shiraz’s month-long competition in Kolkata

For the believers, Ramadan ensues fasting, prayers, benevolence and greater. But for the incorrigible foodies, any spiritual event — be it Ramadan or Ram Navami — will become a delicious prospect to splurge at the delectables related to it. And for this reason for a maximum of the town gastronomes, Ramzan way tasty haleem this is ubiquitous to be had around the metropolis, especially in the age-vintage Mughlai restaurants. Profusely sweating Kolkatans on-the-move slurping up this delicious bowl of thick soup all through office hours is a common sight all through the holy month of Ramzan.

Keeping this in thoughts, Shiraz Golden Restaurant, serving authentic Awadhi and Mughlai dishes for over five a long time has announced their month-long Haleem Festival, providing a bouquet of tempting haleem for the meals lovers.

The journey of Haleem — a famous stew made with wheat, lentils or barley and a beneficiant portion of minced meat — from its birthplace somewhere in West Asia to the Mughlai eating places in Kolkata serving this broth within the afternoons at some point of Ramzan, is a charming one. A close cousin of the famous Arabian dish, Harees — which dates returned to the tenth century and become delivered in Nizam’s Hyderabad by means of his Arabian mercenaries — the present day-day haleem is a changed version of the authentic dish. Slow-cooked for over 8 hours, this nutritious bowl of pasty broth is a remarkable manner to break your fast.

“The month of Ramadan has started and Haleem is the most desired dish to break the day-length speedy as it’s far very filling, rich in protein and without problems digestible. Our consumers eagerly watch for this competition, which we had been organizing for almost too many years, now. As usual, great quality raw materials are used to prepare this delicacy”, says Ishtiaque Ahmed, companion, Shiraz Golden Restaurant.

The big selection of Haleem objects encompasses Mutton Shahi Haleem, Chicken Shahi Haleem, Mutton Irani Haleem, Mutton Afghani Haleem, Mutton Hyderabadi Haleem to be able to be served in the course of the month-lengthy Haleem Festival.

India is a rustic that boasts of solidarity in range and the story with its cuisine is really comparable. The time period ‘Indian delicacies’ is a brilliant misnomer due to the fact Indian meals delicacies isn’t always simply one kind of delicacies. The much talked about ‘Indian cuisine’ is as a substitute the identity of the numerous cuisines inherent to the states, areas, cultures, climatic situations and to a degree the religions that make it up.

It is thrilling to recognize that Indian food cuisine may be divided in phrases of the kingdom or place it comes from, e.G. Maharashtrian cuisine, Gujrati delicacies, Odiya cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine, Andhra Pradesh delicacies, Bengali delicacies, and so forth. It also can be segregated as North Indian, North East Indian and South Indian delicacies. North Indian cuisine takes under consideration Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and West-Central & Eastern Uttar Pradesh cuisine. It also includes Bhojpuri and Mughlai delicacies. While North East Indian is the collective term used for Assamese, Arunachali, Tripuri, Manipuri, Meghalaya, Naga, Mizoram and Sikkimese delicacies. Tribal cuisines like that of Garo, Khasi, and Bodo, are a part of this. South Indian delicacies then again incorporate Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu delicacies.