Quench your thirst with those 3 fresh mocktails

Fresca Juices is one of the quickest-developing packaged fruit juice manufacturers within the Indian market, and this summer season, our fridges are loaded with their fruity healthful goodness! Every sip of any Fresca juice is like biting right into a clean fruit directly from the orchards, and it fits the wallet and pampers our palates too! This Delhi-based totally brand has entered the market with 11 flavors. Their new product line includes Apple, Mojito, Jeera, and Nimbu Masala tangs, which spell ‘summer season beverages’ like no different!

It turns out that out of all the to be had alternatives, litchi is one of the maximum famous summery flavors that’s a bit greater flexible than the alternative recourses. So we’ve chalked down these three litchi primarily based mocktail recipes, which quench thirsts and go away your visitor’s craving for greater. An absolute delight for pool events and the quality beverage choice for random seize-united states home this season.

Virgin Litchi Mojito


3 litchis deseeded

1 lemon wedges / skinny slices deseeded

3-four basil leaves roughly torn

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

3 tablespoons simple ginger syrup*

2 pinches rock salt/everyday salt

½ cup Litchi Juice

¼ cup or extra bloodless water

glowing water/club soda

3-4 cubes of ice

chiffonade basil for garnish non-obligatory



✓Mix the primary 6 substances in a tumbler or a guide mixer with the back of a spoon

✓Now pour a ½ cup of litchi juice and upload some beaten ice

✓Just earlier than serving. Fill in the glass with sparkling water/ club soda

✓Garnish it with greater basil if required

✓Stir nicely before ingesting and serve chilled

Litchi Sparkler


Litchi Juice – 1 carton

Sugar – 8 – 10 tbsp.

Lemon Juice – Juice of one lemon

Mint leaves – 1 handful

Club soda / Chilled water – 200 ml

Ice cubes – to serve


✓Powder sugar in a mixie field, and before taking it off, include the mint leaves and beat simplest to squash the leaves to discharge their embodiment and taste.

✓Exchange to a tumbler

✓ Include lemon juice and litchi juice and mix well. The final consist of chilled water and stir nicely

✓Fill the glass as much as 1/2 with ice cubes. Pour the prepared sparkler over the ice cubes, garnish with mint leaves and serve at once

Mango Litchi Mocktail


1& ½ Cups of Litchi Juice

1& ½ Cup of Litchi Juice

½” Piece, Ginger, sparkling

¼ Teaspoon of Black Pepper Powder

2 Pinches of Salt

1 A cup of Ice Cubes

2 Tablespoon of Rooh Afza Sharbat (Optional)

entire Litchis to garnish


✓Crush the ginger and add black pepper powder to it in a jar

✓Use the extracts of the mango in a jar and mix litchi juice with the extract

✓Add the weigh down ginger and black pepper blend to the jar with a pinch of salt

✓Add three tsps. Of Rooh Afza (optional)

✓Add overwhelmed one cup beaten ice

✓Garnish it with complete litchis

So what we’re saying is that Fresca Juices are high on the taste and nutrients quotient, and that’s the cause why they are saying- pulp in every gulp!


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