Restaurants in Payson in step with Yelp opinions 1

Restaurants in Payson in step with Yelp opinions

With over 50 years of carrier below its belt, the Daley Freez in Payson has been serving up classic-fashion burgers and shakes to lots upon heaps of hungry customers.

Location: 50 E. 100 North, Payson

Yelp evaluation: The first-class vicinity to consume in Payson, Utah. Awesome fries and the pleasant pastrami burger ever. They also have high-quality malt shakes and vintage-style sodas. – Paul W.

1. Tarricaso

This food truck based out of Payson serves to upgrade A tacos and Mexican food. Don’t overlook to strive the steak tacos for a terrific banquet.

Yelp evaluate: Very excellent if your yearning for that true avenue taco taste. I’ve tasted pretty a few road tacos everywhere in the kingdom, and I’d have to mention this falls in my top 3 favorite places at pleasant. – Jared F.

2. Don Chuy’s Taco Shop

Whether you need a shrimp cocktail or a big enchilada, Don Chuy packs a truckload of taste into every bite.

Location: 1024 W. 800 South, Payson

Yelp assessment: Super friendly carrier, huge portions, and the whole lot got here out fast. Jesus helped us at the counter, and he became definitely informed approximately the menu. I couldn’t ask for something higher. – Gina S. If you haven’t observed, Payson does Mexican meals thoroughly, and Cabana Grill is no exception. The burritos are beastly, and the guacamole is to die for.


Location: 75 S. Main St., Payson

Yelp review: This is an extraordinary little Mexican Restaurant run thoroughly through a couple. The food is extraordinary – very skilled cook dinner, who labored many years in Park City. The Chimichangas and Chili Rellenos had been extraordinary. They have a fantastic yummy salsa bar. You surely get your cash’s well worth—a surprising jewel in Payson, Utah. Don’t leave it out in case you take place thru it or close by. – Nathan G.

A fantastic pizza starts offevolved with a brilliant crust, as is the case at Fat Jack’s Pizza. Whether you need a western fashion or best pizza, every slice is satisfaction at Fat Jack’s. And in line with Brandon Flowers of The Killers, they have the pleasant ranch dressing within the international.

Location: 40 S. One hundred West, Payson

Yelp evaluation: When it comes to pizza in Payson, Utah, this place is, as a minimum, notches above the relaxation! I’m giving Fat Jack’s five stars because they have excellent fast shipping and amazingly tacky pizzas and breadsticks. – Kristy L.

3. Cabana Mexico

Not to be harassed with Cabana Grill. Though it’s handiest been open when you consider that past due 2017, Cabana Mexico has delicious street tacos, tostadas, and burritos that might be positive to be filling.

Location: 75 S. Main St., Payson

Yelp overview: Yummy! Great food, service, and environment. We got one of every phase, and all had been brilliant. The tacos had a top-notch taste, and the guacamole is to die for! – Ashlee E.

4. Dalton’s Steakhouse

You haven’t lived till you’ve had Dalton’s Steakhouse. Whether you want smoked salmon, tender brisket, or perfect pulled red meat; Dalton’s is a need to have southern Utah County.

Location: 20 S. A hundred West, Payson

Yelp overview: We had an excellent dinner right here. The food, carrier, and atmosphere had been all outstanding. The hostess was mainly pleasant, and the proprietor becomes outstanding. He changed into out speakme to absolutely everyone and even sat down at some of the tables to speak with customers. He made it obvious that he clearly cared for approximately his customers. – Donna F.


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