South Korean Ice-Cream Promises To Cure The Toughest Hangovers! 1

South Korean Ice-Cream Promises To Cure The Toughest Hangovers!

Everyone enjoys a laugh ingesting night with buddies now and then. It may be a pretty relaxing affair for those who do it from time to time. However, even the occasional ingesting consultation can change into pretty an affair, and you could have frequently found yourself finishing up overindulging in alcohol. The ensuing hangover may be tough to address, especially when you have to turn up at paintings or have a hectic faculty day tomorrow.

There are several popular treatment plans that most people recognize. Still, most of them take hours to take effect and aren’t as tons amusing as, say, ice cream to please your taste buds while also helping you get over a hungover country. What if we informed you that this ice cream genuinely exists?

Everyone enjoys a laugh-consuming night with buddies each on occasion. It may be a pretty relaxing affair for folks who do it sometimes. However, even the occasional ingesting session can grow to be quite an affair, and you could have frequently determined yourself ending up overindulging in alcohol. The ensuing hangover can be tough to address, particularly if you have to turn up at work or have a busy school day the following day.

There are several famous treatment plans that most people recognize approximately. Still, most of them take hours to take impact and aren’t as a great deal a laugh as, say, ice cream so that it will please your flavor buds whilst also supporting you recover from a hungover state. What if we told you that this ice cream absolutely exists?


Gyeondyo-bar is a grapefruit-flavored ice-cream candy bar that claims to hold the important thing to relieving you of the peskiest hangover signs and symptoms. But there may be a size – you’ll travel to South Korea to search out this fabulous sweet deal. The ice-cream bar guarantees to help you “grasp in there” (Gyeondyo in Korean method ‘hang in there) and help you deal with even the worst hangover you might have controlled to get yourself in.

Here’s what the hangover-curing Gyeondyo-bar seems like:

The ice-cream bar turned into reportedly added inside the marketplace with the aid of the Korean comfort save chain ‘With me FS,’ and it was made to help employed humans address the stresses of an operating day, proper after a night of binge-ingesting. So, how do the ice-cream paintings in curing a hangover? These unique dessert skills are credited to the presence of a small amount of oriental raisin tree fruit juice, which’s the main energetic element inside the ice-cream bar.

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The raisin fruit juice has been considered a powerful hangover therapy through Koreans because the 1600s and its effects have been subsidized up through 2012 observe to the results of the raisin tree extract on intoxicated mice. The ice cream was created because of a growing call for powerful hangover treatments in South Korea, which has notoriously high binge drinkers. Well, all we can do is wish that this ice cream makes its way into the Indian marketplace quickly. While July may be National Ice Cream Month, we at Kool Technologies agree within celebrating all year spherical! Here is a few Ice Cream Trivia that we have prepared in honor of National Ice Cream Month (July).

Ice Cream Trivia:

Fun data to Accompany Americas Favorite Summer Time Treat! In 1984 President Ronald Reagan declared July National Ice Cream Month saying that patriotic Americans should honor the month with “suitable ceremonies and sports.” So snatch yourself a double scoop of your favored flavor and analyze a few laugh statistics approximately this American conventional!

It is assumed that in the first century, the Roman Emperor Nero was a big fan of ice cream in its earlier stage. He could ship his slaves up mountains to acquire snow and ice, so he may want to experience his flavored ices. The first documented mention of ice cream in America changed into written within the 1700s. It changed into written to the governor of Maryland praising the ice cream and strawberry dessert he had served at a night meal.


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