The new Pennfield Ice Cream

It took 12 months, a lot of work, and more than $500,000 to transform vintage auto storage into an espresso and ice cream shop. Still, the work is ultimately complete in time for summertime—Pennfield Ice Cream & Coffee Shop at 956 Capital Ave. Northeast opened in early May, imparting more than 20 specific flavors of Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream, everyday cups of joe, and strong-point coffee.

“We desired an area where people could come and revel in a nice coffee, maybe a baked good, take a seat on their laptop, perhaps do some work, or study for faculty,” owner Gregg Eberhard said. We also wanted it to be a family area.”

Eberhard is aware of the food commercial enterprise. He’s owned the Coney Island Cafe for 26 years, beginning when it was located out using the Fort Custer Industrial Park in Battle Creek. It’s now in Pennfield, right after the new ice cream and espresso shop.

“When we opened (in Pennfield) in 2008, that’s while the economic markets took successfully, but we have been developing using 10% to 15% yr over year,” he stated. “All via that economic mess we’ve got to develop.” Last year, Eberhard changed into presented a hazard to purchase the lot and storage around the corner, so he may want to have extra parking for the eating place.

“Once I was given the construction, I needed to decide what to do with it,” he stated. Eberhard has been a Pennfield resident for 18 years and felt there needed to be more ice cream and espresso offerings in the town, even though he does not drink coffee. But he does fancy a perfect ice cream cone, especially Ashby’s, an award-prevailing ice cream made at the shorelines of Lake Michigan in Ludington.

“I thought it became possibly one of the quality ice creams I had ever had,” he said. “So once I decided to open an ice cream store, I already had them inside the back of my thoughts because of the ice cream I’d like to apply.” With the paintings entire, Eberhard’s searching ahead to a grand-establishing birthday party Memorial Day weekend.

“Gregg’s been a long-term member of the Pennfield own family,” Pennfield Superintendent Dave Morgan said. “We are very excited that he continues to put money into Pennfield.” Pennfield Ice Cream & Coffee Shop serves the primary difficult-serve ice cream flavors of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Additionally, it offers bold flavors like a cool mint cookie, lemon cheesecake bar, chocolate-protected strawberry, and black raspberry pomegranate.

Soft-serve vanilla, chocolate, and twist are also on the menu. Eberhard has served Lansing-based totally Paramount Coffee fresh each day at Coney Island for more than 20 years. Now, he will also be serving it at his espresso shop. “They have been the coffee I immediately became that I desired to use over here because I always became very pleased with their product,” he stated. “Even although I don’t, for my part, drink coffee...I understand plenty of espresso aficionados that inform me that the espresso we serve next door is excellent.”

They’ve had barista training on the espresso save to offer multi-flavor lattes, consisting of a raspberry almond latte, macchiatos, frappes, and coffee. They additionally provide warm chocolate, chai tea lattes, and warm tea. Next door at Coney Island, baked items, including pies, desserts, and desserts, are baked sparkling for the brand-new shop. Pennfield Ice Cream & Coffee Shop has all the appearance, experience, and odor of the modern but contemporary coffee store with delivered flavor; however, it took time to get it there.

It became a true vehicle store with tires, car parts, and oil stains. “I became underprepared for the quantity of [the renovation] until I got part way into it, after which I realized the intensity of what we had been doing and how much it was going to cost,” Eberhard said. It was a lot of work.”


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