Healthy juices, smoothies available at Nekter in downtown LO 1

Healthy juices, smoothies available at Nekter in downtown LO

Hungry for a healthful enjoy? Head to Nekter Juice Bar in Lake Oswego’s Kruse Village. The franchise is owned with the aid of Jeff and Christine Garcia and positioned at 4859 SW Meadows Road, suite 165. The Garcias were labored inside the hospitality industry, Jeff as a chef and Christine in exceptional dining. Jeff observed Nekter Juice Bars at the same time as working in Vancouver and felt the business enterprise’s consciousness on healthy, fresh components as a way to promote fitness and well-being healthy properly with their philosophies approximately food.

“As longtime hospitality industry specialists and self-proclaimed foodies, our love of freshly made juice and easy elements has helped us on our journey to a more fit way of life, while nonetheless enjoying an expansion of scrumptious flavors and ingredients,” stated Christine. “Owning and operating a Nekter Juice Bar in the more Portland vicinity method, we will introduce our pals and acquaintances to the severa advantages of a more healthy lifestyle that begins with an expansion of nutrient-wealthy ingredients like the ones found at Nekter.”

The Garcias explain that juicing is one of the simplest methods to encourage everyday servings of culmination and vegetables, but juicing at domestic can be pricey and messy. Each Nekter juice contains greater than three kilos of fruits and vegetables. Fresh juices flood your body with antioxidants that enhance your immune gadget.

Healthy juices

Consumers recognize exactly their orders because they may be made clean of culmination and veggies, with no refined sugars, synthetic flavors, or preservatives. Select objects from the menu or customize your order. To make your very own juice mixture choose a base from carrot, orange, celery, crimson, and apple juices and add kale, spinach, parsley, ginger, lemon, cucumber, beet, and fennel.

Fusion blends are packed with a whole day’s delivery of purifying culmination and veggies, high fiber to suppress appetite, and offer long-lasting power. Smoothies get texture from coconut water or cashew milk and a touch of sweetness from agave nectar or berries. Add boosts with granola (gluten-free available), hemp protein, pea protein, whey protein, chia seeds, almond butter, peanut butter, greens, acai (superfood wealthy in antioxidants), berries, sliced green apples, vanilla whey protein, pitaya (dragonfruit) and peanut butter protein granola.

Scoop is Nekter’s spin on a clean and decadent frozen treat, a product of cashew milk and plant-based ingredients. It is dairy-free, soy-free, without delicate sugar, synthetic sweeteners, or preservatives. Besides the freshly made gadgets, clients can take benefit of the snatch and cross bloodless-pressed bottled beverages. Cold-pressed juices are extracted using a hydraulic press in preference to different methods that generate heat and alter the juices’ natural flavor and enzymes. The use of the hydraulic press also extends the shelf existence of merchandise and ensures the most flavor and freshness.

“You’ve got to attempt the protein bites and the vegan, gluten-free tarts,” stated Jeff. As a chef, he’s extremely thrilled with the pleasant and taste of the goods, or even the presentation of the ingredients. “They really kick it up a notch the use of the best excellent elements and truly pay to attend to the little info,” he said.

Another product the Garcias are excited to percentage with consumers is cleansed. Nekter cleanses supposed to softly help you put off pollution out of your body and restore balance. “It essentially resets your frame,” said Christine. “Cleanses are intended to restore intestine fitness, assist you ditch cravings for sugar and inspire more healthy consuming habits.”


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